Hello I am a Newbie to this site

Hi, My name is Patricia but i go by Lyttlefish on all internet sites
I have been with Calorie Count for about 8 years off and on
Sadly that site is closing down and so it is time to move on
My Fitness Pal has the best reviews and so many of my friends have joined..so here i am
I am starting to really love this site..being able to analyze my own recipes is easier here than CC so that is the biggest plus for me
About me? I am 73 years old this June..healthy except for overweight...am a mother of 4 girls, 6 grand children and 6 great grand children..
Have worn many other hats in my life so far..including artist, teacher, waitress, receptionist, swimming instructor,
I love travel and try to get to foreign countries for 3 month stints every two years or so.( depending on the budget)
My passions are making Art, reading, hiking, photography, cooking and interacting with people
I volunteer teaching ESL, for our Communities in Bloom and am on the Library Board for out little 2500 pop town of Calmar, Alberta, Canada
That's it..thanks for reading..looking forward to making new friends and staying fit