I'm new. Who else has lost 100+ lbs but is not done yet?

My name is Erica. I'm 38 years old. Im 5'11. I started my journey in January 2014 at 327lbs. I'm down 120lbs with roughly 37 lbs to go. It's been a slow process with many ups and downs. But a great journey and I have my life back. I was so unhealthy back then and felt way beyond my age. High blood, pressure, borderline diabetic, back problems, depression, all over aches and pains, the list goes on. Been strength training 3 days a week mostly consistently this past 3 years and changed the way I eat with occasional slips. I call that life. Lol I've off and on used mfp through my journey. Love the app. But had never checked out the Community till now. Looking for extra support and motivatiin which we can never have too much of. I find navigating through the community this last week a bit confusing. And end up not staying long. I end up seeing alot of really old posts but am looking for more current posts. I also am curious how to post pictures. I'm using my phone. Don't have a computer right now. Wondering if that's a problem? Anyhow. I hope to make some new friends and have more accountability. Be encouraged by others stories. And learn some new things. When I figure this place out I will post more about my journey. I have lots of questions but right now, just as my title says. Has anyone else lost 100+ lbs and not done yet? But I'd love to hear about anyones successes. And all the ups and downs of your journey. And before and after photos would be awesome. And any advice about navigating through here would be great.


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    I really identify with you except I'm at the beginning of my journey. I am 40 yrs old, 5'11", 336 lbs. I am the working mother of a 10 and 2 yr old. I have all the health issues you described. So hopefully in the future I can be having a similar success story as you. I don't have any advice on navigating the boards other than playing around.
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    Great job on the loss! :+1: I'm so proud of all your hard work :)

    Have you checked out the Success stories section? That's another good place to find ppl that are reaching maintenance or have a bit more to lose before they reach the goal they chose. Lots of before, after and current photos there! I don't use the app so not sure I'd be any help with photos.. check in with someone over there maybe since they're posting photos?

    I've dropped over 100+ and some more I want to drop or recomp might be a better word and the changes in my attitude and health are mind blowing. What a difference it makes right?!
    You're doing great, keep it up! You're very inspiring with the all the changes you've brought on with the weight loss & fitness for better health. Looking forward to seeing your photos and story over there! :wink:

    Welcome to the forums :smiley:
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    I have lost 150+ since April 2015. I have more to lose but me and my body are in a battle right now. I enjoy the process and have learned so much about my self in the past two years.
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    Thank you Hearts_2015. I appreciate that. I have checked out success stories. Cannot post pics from my Android. Will post my story when I get that figured out. Congratulations on your loss! Amazing! Keep it up. And yes, it absolutely is mind blowing the difference it makes. Mentally and physically. Thank you for the welcome!
    And OhMsDiva. Congratulations! That's incredible! I hope it's nothing serious your dealing with and you heal quick. And it's definitely a journey. Keep it up. Thank you for sharing
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    I have lost 72 and my goal is to lose 107. I started in 2012, have kept most of the weight off and have just maintained and fluctuated between the same 10 pounds for the last 3 years. Started back on here recently to get to my ultimate goal this year, I'm ready! Feel free to add me- My name is Virginia!
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    Great job Virginia! I'm Erica. Nice to meet you. I sent you a friend invite. I don't know if they are actually going through or not. Look me up if you don't see my invite.
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    I'm on a similar journey, I am going to lose another 100 lbs this year, already lost 24lbs since I started with a PT in mid November.

    If I can share what I've found, denying yourself food or foods doesn't work - eat clean, unprocessed food for your main diet & moderation on the rest - stay in your MFP target & log everything - even if it puts you over!

    Exercise is everything & don't shy from the weights as well as cardio - it accelerates your base metabolism rate & really helps.

    Try not to "lose 100 lbs ... rather, lose 1lb but 100 times" ... don't know why but that makes me feel better

    Add if you wish... I don't ramble on quite as much but do log every day!