How do you post pictures?

Lioness_1978 Posts: 3,938 Member
I'm not seeing anywhere that says I can add a photo. Is it possibly because I'm using a phone or am I missing something?


  • Spartan1230
    Spartan1230 Posts: 196 Member
    You can post a pic from the area above the reply box on the community forum area. It's the little camera button. On the main area where you see all your friends posts, when you select status you can add photo. Not the easiest but I hope that makes sense.
  • SierraFatToSkinny
    SierraFatToSkinny Posts: 463 Member
  • Braddlzz
    Braddlzz Posts: 76 Member
    To be clear, if you're in the app no you can't, must be Web based
  • Lioness_1978
    Lioness_1978 Posts: 3,938 Member
    Thank you all. I have no camera icon. Will try logging in on web.
  • 5n00py
    5n00py Posts: 125 Member
    I guess you have an Android phone as iPhone looks like this

  • Lioness_1978
    Lioness_1978 Posts: 3,938 Member
    Yes I have an android. Mine looks exactly the same with no camera option.