Losing 150+ pounds

It's hard to look at the whole picture right now. I am trying to get back to a healthy weight and it's going to require more than 150 pounds (about half of my body weight). I've been reading all of the inspiring success stories and tips that you have provided.

My question is...

How do I keep focused on smaller goals without actually getting overwhelmed with how much I have to lose?

I'm in this for life.



  • kkress92
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    You can break down your large goal into smaller goals and reward yourself with something small, say, every 10 lbs, and something larger every 50. Take it slowly and it will be more sustainable in the long run. Use a weight trending app (I like Happy Scale). They can break down your larger goal into as many small goals as you like, and will smooth out the inevitable fluctuations along the way, so you don't get discouraged by an occasional slip up or water weight gain.
    Visit the forums often, they are packed with useful information and can help you hang in there and make adjustments along the way, as well as plan for the long term.
    You've got this!
  • wannalose25
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    I'm trying to lose 25 lbs, and it's hard due to the unhealthy habits i've developed. But i'm trying to focus more on my new lifestyle rather than weight loss. the days, weeks, months, and years will pass even if we're not trying to lose weight. we may as well have some progress to show for it. All the best.
  • roxywho42
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    I try to make my goals about what I'm actually doing instead of the scale or my size. I use goals like getting a certain amount of steps, exercising a certain amount of days a week, keeping under my calorie/carb limits, drinking enough water. If you consistently meet those kinds of goals, the scale dropping will happen, your pants will get smaller, etc.
  • success313
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    Thank you for your responses!
  • timjmartin23
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    I'm on a long journey, I am going to lose another 100 lbs this year, already lost 24lbs since I started with a PT in mid November & using Apple Watch

    If I can share what I've found, denying yourself food or foods doesn't work - eat clean, unprocessed food for your main diet & moderation on the rest - stay in your MFP target & log everything - even if it puts you over!

    Exercise is everything & don't shy from the weights as well as cardio - it accelerates your base metabolism rate & really helps.

    Try not to "lose 100 lbs ... rather, lose 1lb but 100 times" ... don't know why but that makes me feel better

    Add if you wish... I don't ramble on quite as much but do log every day!

  • FitOldMomma
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    You take it one day at a time...for the rest of your life. :) Seriously, it's all about making permanent changes that you know you'll be content with.
    I made specific goals, not always about the scale. Certain fitness goals spurred me on when the weight loss slowed down. Learning what I am truly capable of doing has been awesome!

  • SolotoCEO
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    I set my weight loss goals by calendar quarter (25 pounds). That way it's not near as overwhelming. Choose what you want to lose in a time-frame, set the goal, and go for it. I'm more than half-way through my weight loss but thinking about losing another 80 pounds is beyond me. 20 or 25 I can do.... Good luck!
  • flatlndr
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    I went from 279 to 174, and like you stated, it seemed like a massive leap, so I broke it down into 10 lb targets, to keep it manageable, plus four major milestones:
    • 250
    • 220 (since this is equiv to 100 kg)
    • 199 (getting below 200 is sometimes referred to as getting to "Onederland" on MFP, as you are back in the 100's instead of the 200's
    • 175 (my wedding weight)

    Just take it one day at a time, one step at a time ... which I did literally, as I walked a significant amount to get there. More info here.

    Best of luck!
  • success313
    success313 Posts: 100 Member
    I forgot to come back and check the responses! Ha! Yes, I think that breaking down my goals into milestones will definitely help. First milestone? Leaving the 300's!!
  • lulalacroix
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    I broke mine down into 15 pound chunks. I'm gonna take a maintenance week after achieving each small goal. This is a reward, but it will also help me when I finally get to permanent maintenance. The small chunk achievements are something for me to look forward to.
  • kamamakai
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    These are all great ideas, and I've used the same strategies of breaking down the larger goal into small bits. Some rewards I used were pedicures, an evening at a play, changing out my larger clothing for some smaller things I'd put away, etc. While it was hard to imagine getting to my destination (needing to lose 160 pounds), last May I reminded myself that Christmas was coming whether I was heavy or thinner. Seasons change regardless, time relentlessly marches forward, and I decided to focus on celebrating Christmas feeling healthier this year. I was able to lose 94 pounds by then (103 pounds to date), and was grateful I did. I now will keep NEXT Christmas in mind as I continue to be mindful of eating healthier. I can't believe I wasted 40 years being overweight and thinking that losing weight would take "too long." Chunk it down to smaller goals, and remember that each day will not last an eternity, but rather soon it brings nightfall and a day of success that you can log into your history. I wish you great success and determination.
  • patslitzker
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    Celebrate every 10 pounds down they're all accomplishments. If you plan on using the gym for your weightloss then focus on fitness goals in the gym. Work your way up to running a mile and constantly try to lift more and more weight. Focusing on these fitness goals will keep your mind off the bigger picture and you'll lose weight without even thinking about it as long as you stay honest with your food logging.
  • success313
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    I really like the idea of using fitness goals. I focused on that this week by walking. I haven't been active in years!
  • patslitzker
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    That's great you're starting. Just remember nothing is impossible, it might seem out of reach but you WILL get there.