Looking other ladies in similar situation...

Hey Y'all,
Tomorrow (Wednesday) will make 2 weeks since I started this new journey to working toward a 'Better Me'. I am a happily married (23 years) mom (3 young adult sons). I use MFP religiously and I can tell it makes a significant difference for me. I also feel that having others to share with along the way helps in the motivational aspect of things. I would like to connect with more ladies who are in a similar situation as me. Lets be honest, a 'like' here and there on a post doesn't really help motivate or push anyone. Friends that take the time to comment with support, feedback and encouragement goes a long way.

HW 263
CW 247
STG 199 <~~ can't wait to get below 200!
LTG 175
Height 5'6"
Age 43


  • UltimateTrashBae
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    Hello! I'm 24, married, and have one toddler (he's 3 now). I've gotten pretty consistent on MFP now that I'm really trying to work off the last of this weight. I really enjoy liking and commenting on other people's successes and would really appreciate it if I had more friends to do the same for me! I'll toss you a friend request and if anyone else wants to add me, feel free.
  • Healthydiner65
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    I sent a friend request. I agree that mutual support is very important to our success. I am 64 and here everyday for mutual support!
  • channing2610
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    Hello ladies. I am 40 years old. Unmarried. I have one child and two grandchildren. My full time job and my two grand-kids and church keep me busy. So finding the time to get my workout in is a struggle sometimes. I like using MFP. I have stopped and started about three time which I hate. This time I plan to keep it going. I want to lose about 50 lbs by September which is my birthday. I am on about 1300 calories a day. I am constant looking for new foods to try since I am a picker.

    My current weight....237
    Size.... 16
    I am so ready to be back in a size 12..that's good for me..lol
  • CindyM0715
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    Hello Ladies. I am 46 about to be 47. Married. My youngest of 3 girls is a senior in high school. I work a desk job full time. I have started my journey to a healthy me for the last time Sunday. I updated MFP yesterday. I have a gym membership, and had lost 20 pounds, yeah I was very happy as well... Then I injured my knee and have regained 10 of it back. It's now up and down and I have to do something before I go insane. I am anxiously awaiting May when I can get into water aerobics classes locally. I have yet to find any with an indoor pool here.
    I hope to get everything going back the right way again.
  • fitdiva1day
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    You can add me if you like. Im 44, 5'4", and 177. This is my second time around on MFP. I'm looking to lose at least 40 lbs..I'm not very active due to having a bad back so my calories are around 1200.