Help me take my own advice!!!

So last week I was 183 (yeah) last week and I'm now at 185.5 this week. No huge binges or anything like that...actually did a lot more working out than the week before. I've been feeling pretty good, actually. But it's so discouraging to not see the weight drop...even though I'm probably on track!!!

So if this was somebody I was responding to with this comment I'd say something like, "Keep at it. This can be water weight, or muscle building, or anything like that. You didn't gain 2.5 pounds last week without really blowing things and you didn't do that." I know I would but I'm not listening very well. :D

Ugh. Can someone say that kind of encouraging stuff to me? :/


  • malibu927
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    Keep at it. This can be water weight (not muscle), especially since you increased your exercise.
  • mrramsey1969
    mrramsey1969 Posts: 46 Member
    Everyone has weeks like that. I have had weeks where I stall and don't lose but then the next the loss is larger than normal. It is not going to be linear all the time. could just be extra water weight/ undigested food still in your system etc...
  • __TMac__
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    Weight loss isn't linear. :)

  • ladyreva78
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    We all have days/weeks like that :smile:

    Lots of thing can influence the scale weight. Maybe you had something higher in sodium, more carbs than usually, had a killer work out....

    Also, is it maybe getting closer to that time of the month? You know... hormones suck sometimes.

    Just keep doing what you're doing. *hugs*
  • TavistockToad
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    It's not muscle, it probably is water

    Keep at it!
  • goldthistime
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    I've come to rely more on "my numbers" than on the scales (in the short term at least). If you kept your calories out below your calories in, then hold your head up high.
  • Maxematics
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    I weigh 111 pounds give or take half a pound. Right now I'm ovulating. This week I've creeped from 111 to 114.4 pounds. When my period comes, all this weight drops off and then some. Water weight can screw anyone up but for those who menstruate it can be pure evil. Regardless, hang in there!
  • kenyonhaff
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    Thanks guys, there's something really nice about having feedback from others. <3
  • Tacklewasher
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    I'm up 1.1 from yesterday, but that was down .7 from prior day.

    Why can't it just come off at .28571428571 lb per day?????

  • mou_254
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    I am down 3.5 lbs from yesterday!! The scale messes with your mind a lot of times. Keep at it!!