cyclists who lift - how do you stretch?

i need you guys' help. started a new contract and have been biking again. the trouble is, it is KILLING my hips.

i've back-burnered squatting again because i just can't get 'space' for any kind of form that doesn't cause impingement sensations all over the front of my hips. i'm doing the hip circles. and the first-baseman thing. and the roller, the lacrosse ball, the sacrificing black goats, the walking around with a theraband on to keep my glutes in the game . . . i'm just out of ideas. what do you people do to keep yourselves from getting too tight through the hips to do anything else?



  • Machka9
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    1. Make sure your bicycle is set up correctly so that it fits you and is comfortable for you.

    2. Do you spin or mash when you cycle? What's your cadence?

    3. What are you wearing when you ride? Does it allow you a full range of motion?

    4. I stretch on the bicycle, while I'm riding.
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    Bike fit , check your cleats, spin the legs, work on core strength
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    when I was cycling (before I started lifting) I used to do a short pilates routine before I got on the bike, I used youtube and there is a 20 minute one done by darcy bussel on there that was just right
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    thanks. was kind of stuck with a beater bike that was making things harder for the first couple of weeks, since that's the one with the studded tires. ironically, that's the one that i got formally fitted and it's never given me aggravation before. but conditions have been kind of extreme around here, and i'm out of practice as well. i should be able to go back to my regular one from here in, god willing and the creeks don't re-freeze.

    in the meantime, what i was looking for was specific fix-it-now help for speeding recovery from the side-effects of using the foul-weather bike. i guess i wasn't specific enough about the kind of advive i was looking for, but i appreciate people's time anyway.
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    There's a few good you tube stretches out there for hips. I have age stiffness and overuse stiffness on one side from past sedentary standing. I would strongly suggest you get yourself checked for any medical problems if the pain is that bad. I don't know what you mean by contract ... do you have to cycle for a job? If so, and if the pain is chronic, I'd suggest beginning the process to move into a new line of work. I did this because of sedentary standing. It did take a year but I got out. Frankly it sounds like you need rest and repair time, not more things to do.