Because I can't get lucky forever!

So it looks like it's time I lost some weight! I've come to the conclusion that at 41, classified as obese and with a family medical history that doesn't inspire confidence, the fact that I've dodged the various health bullets so far is a blessing I can't count on forever. Every time I have a health check the doctor is astounded that I don't have problems - yet. I'm aiming for a 90lb loss and to see how I feel about further loss after that.

I'm not really completely new to this - I've tried MFP before, but gave up after 20lbs or so when I couldn't seem to lose any more. In retrospect, I suspect I wasn't getting my portions right as I didn't always measure. I was also using the MFP estimates for exercise calories, which might not have been the best move!

I signed up again a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm 7lb down by sticking to my calories and tracking my activity using my Apple Watch. I've noticed that the calories burned seem much more realistic (it generally credits me 80 or so for a half hour walk) so hopefully that will help. I also bought an electronic kitchen scale.

I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts and have already found some really useful info - hope I can do it this time!