Apple Cider Vinegar?

I've been doing a little research on this topic and was wondering if anyone tried taking this as a daily supplement? If so, how long did you try it and did you feel any better?


  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 9,027 Member
    What is the purpose of the supplement?

    I mean, like everything- if you like it and it fits in your calories, have it - but a supplement that is supposed to make you feel better?? How so??
  • malibu927
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    It won't do anything
  • __TMac__
    __TMac__ Posts: 1,665 Member
    There is some valid science to suggest that eating or drinking acidic foods (vinegar of any type, lemons, etc.) before a meal can slow a blood glucose spike, but the effect is minimal. It can also damage your throat if you drink it straight. It won't make a difference in your weight loss. It does, however, taste good on a salad. :)