February 2017 Biking Cycling Bicycling Challenge!

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Welcome to our February 2017 Cycling Thread!

If you are new to posting on this thread, or if you are new to cycling, We welcome you! If you are returning from a previous thread, We welcome you, too.

This thread is for anyone who rides a bike. Do you bike to work? Do you pull your children to the park? So you ride weekends? Do you spin, at home or the gym? Do you race crits, ironman, or centuries? Or, are you just starting out and remembering how much fun you had biking when you were a kid? However you choose to push your pedal, you are welcome on this thread.

-- Ohhim

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  • Machka9
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    Review ...
    (Distances include cycling + walking)
    March: 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    April: 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May: 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    June: 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    July: 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug: 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep: 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct: 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov: 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec: 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan: 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb: 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    March: 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    April: 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May: 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min
    June: 552.1 km (343 miles) = 54 hours 48 min
    July: 709 km (440.5 miles) = 60 hours 41 minutes
    Aug: 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes
    Sep: 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Oct: 649 km (403.3 miles) = 49 hours 46 min
    Nov: 403 km (250.4 miles) = 52 hours 16 min
    Dec: 511.05 km (317.55 miles) = 52 hours 2 min
    Jan: 741.9 km (461.0 miles) = 70 hours 3 min

    Totals for January, specifically related to cycling:
    Cycling Distance (km) 599.2
    Cycling Time (min) 2122.2

    And happily, I reached another goal! I was working toward a "lifetime" (since I've been keeping track) cycling kilometre goal of 160,000 km. In January I reached that goal and by the end of the month I reached 160,246.8 km.

    So ... the goal is to do more than February last year. :)
  • pedermj2002
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    I'm back, and I'm in it to win it! I'm still indoors, but since I've got the speed sensors, I am listing myself for mileage. Since we've got a shorter month, I'm not going to bump up my goals too much, but they need to go up some. So, for this month, I'm aiming for 325 miles.

    Can't wait to start tomorrow!
  • 35dollars
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    In for 250 miles, again
  • 35dollars
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    "Wed 01 - 26.31 miles

    MTD 26.31 / 250, YTD 187.93 / 4000"
  • _nikkiwolf_
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    Thanks for posting the challenge again!
    After warmer temps and lots of rain yesterday, today the roads where nearly snow-free, and I could take the (trekking) bike to work again. And even if the snow comes back, I've got rollers for riding indoors now, so there shouldn't be anything stopping me from reaching 150km this month.

    1.2.17 - 10.1km commute
  • teicu1
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    I’m just starting to come out of a lower back strain that put me in my recliner for >2 weeks so far. I still have only limited mobility and I have no idea what my exercise capabilities will be this month, but I’m going to shoot for an hour per week on the recumbent exercise bike in the health club where I live.
  • twenaj
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    Hi, I found your cycling challenge a couple of months ago, followed the chat but haven't posted anything until now. So I've decided to join you guys in all the fun you have. I did 181.79 miles last month, well from the 15th onwards as I was ill for the beginning of the month and it sounds like a couple of you guys were. Anyway, my target is 300 miles, rollers in the week (still getting used to them, Xmas present from the wife) and hopefully some road cycling at the weekends. Good luck everyone, Cheers Jon.
  • SteveCro
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    I'm in.... Goal 200 again. Fell a little short last month.. Never know what the winter weather will be like.

    2/1 - 20.58 miles 37*F

    Jan - 172.15

    YTD - 192.73
  • SingingSingleTracker
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    February 1st 8.53 Miles -- Duration 0:50:31 (MTB)

    February Total Miles: 8.53
    February Total Duration: 0:50:31
  • askewrj
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    So target for February is 700KM. I've started ramping up the training, getting easier now I'm a bit lighter. Have a good month everyone:

    Feb distance so far is: 58.2KM, lunch and evening ride.
  • dtcjem
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    Shooting for 150 this month. All done indoors on trainer.

    2/1 7.05 miles
    2/2 15.09 miles
  • tcaley4
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    I'm in again. I don't think I'll set a specific goal. Weather here in Arkansas is so un-predictable here, I'll just take what I can get.
  • cathyge6983
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    January Total Miles: 254.96
    January Total Duration: 15:43:12

    I'm in for February. I'll be riding indoors again with my bike on a trainer. Probably won't get outside until April.

    January was my first month, and I didn't set a goal. Since I'm enjoying Zwift so much I'll set my February goal at 300 miles.

    Wishing you all a fantastic month of cycling.

  • ending_start
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    I'm in for February again. I'll be doing a split of indoor and outdoor rides, since its still winter in my neck of the woods, its hard to manage more than my commute to work outdoor.

    I hit 500km in January, so I will up it to 550km for the month of February.

    Feb 1-5 - 6.6km (on going)

    Jan totals: 509.8km
  • Rebsrockem
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    WOAH!! I'M IN!!!!!

    I had never done this and participated in the Jan '17 one= AWESOME!!!........ where the past two off-seasons my indoor trainer would hardly get any action..... I rode 119 miles and 6.4 hours last month!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I will try to get a 10% lift in FEB, but shorter month and more business travel.

    2/2 - - 11.1 miles / 35 min. indoor trainer riding with Xtreme Calorie Burn (Colorado) on TV. Music = The Pixies

  • twenaj
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    Cycling effort so far…..

    1st Feb – 0 Miles
    2nd Feb – 21.17 Miles on Rollers

    Total so far 21.17 Miles
    Target 300 Miles
    278.83 Miles to go
  • SteveCro
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    I'm in.... Goal 200 again. Fell a little short last month.. Never know what the winter weather will be like.

    I'm only counting my outdoor miles because that is all I can count on a LBS challenge.

    2/1 - 20.58 miles 37*F
    2/2 - 12.65 miles 25*F winds NNW @ 10 feels like 9 accordingly to weather bug lol.

    YTD - 205.42

    Jan - 172.15

  • mreading2
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    hi just found this, just before christmas i got vivosmart HR+ to keep track of things & set myself a 40 mile per month goal (mainly a 1.25 mile ride to work 5 days a week), I didn't quite make it in December, falling a couple of miles short, January saw me do just over 70 miles.

    I've left it at 40 for this month but already upped it to 50 for March, once the lighter evenings are here I should be able to get out most evenings so will up it to about 150
  • _nikkiwolf_
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    1.2.17 - 10.1km commute
    2.2.17 - 5.3km (14min) indoor/rollers ( tough - I struggled to keep the cadence where it had been on my previous attempts. It wasn't until I finished that I realised I was on the big chainring, not on the small one like before :D )
    3.2.17 - 12.7km commute ( it looked nice and sunny when I woke up. Of course, it started to rain in the afternoon, so I got soaking wet on the way home... )
    28.2km (of 160km goal)
  • 35dollars
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    Thu 02 - 23.78 miles
    Fri 03 - 23.74 miles

    MTD 73.83 / 250, YTD 235.45 / 4000

    First rides for 3 weeks, and the first 5-day sequence since August. I'll settle for that!