Ladies like me?

Hey Y'all,
Yesterday (Wednesday) made three weeks since I started this new journey to working toward a 'Better Me'. I am a happily married (23 years) mom (3 young adult sons). I use MFP religiously and I can tell it makes a significant difference for me. I also feel that having others to share with along the way helps in the motivational aspect of things. I would like to connect with more ladies who are in a similar situation as me. Lets be honest, a 'like' here and there on a post doesn't really help motivate or push anyone. Friends that take the time to comment with support, feedback and encouragement goes a long way. At the same time, I am not looking for criticism (which yes, I have received here and no... it was not helpful). I believe that we all do what works for us individually and I won't be criticizing you either.

I workout at the gym a minimum of four to five times a week doing cardio and strength training. I still have a long way to go. 68 more lbs to be exact.

HW 263
CW 243
STG 199 <~~ can't wait to get below 200!
LTG 175
Height 5'6"
Age 43


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    Hi. :) I've been at my goal weight (I guess) for a while but like you I'm on here daily. I'm 40, been married almost 22 years and have 3 kids (20, 17 and 12). I'm all for motivation without negativity, I agree that it doesn't seem helpful. You can add me if you would like to.