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Do you put calories up for the weekend?

sparkle126 Posts: 132 Member
edited February 2017 in Health and Weight Loss
So MFP, generates 1200 Cals a day for weight loss. Do any of you put your calories up on a weekend for drinks etc? I have done this before just confused whether you stick to 1200. I normally bank exercise calories.


  • gettingreallyfedupnow
    I do ....I eat at a loss Mon to Fri and maintenance at the weekend. I'm on the last 15lb, so thought it would be a good way to ease towards maintenance.
  • livingleanlivingclean
    livingleanlivingclean Posts: 11,751 Member
    I do carb cycling, so make my "high day" a Sunday. It's either the day of, or the day before, leg day so it helps fuel that workout as well as allowing me more room for "fun" food.
  • CattOfTheGarage
    CattOfTheGarage Posts: 2,745 Member
    Yes, it works for me. I try not to eat less than 1200 total in any given day, though - if banking calories would take me under that, I increase my activity to give me more wiggle room.
  • Gallowmere1984
    Gallowmere1984 Posts: 6,626 Member
    edited February 2017
    My weekends tend to be a bit higher, but that has more to do with the fact that my lifting schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

    I avoid M/W/F like the plague, unless I can be in, done, and out before 4;00 am.
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,719 Member
    i do - but i wouldn't recommend it for people who are only on 1200 cals as that's the minimum that you should be eating really.

    My long run is on a Saturday so i get an extra 700+ cals which is nice!
  • PeachyPlum
    PeachyPlum Posts: 1,243 Member
    I don't, because I really like to eat!

    I do make a point of earning extra calories on the weekend, so for example I'll try to take the dogs for a long hike in the morning so I can enjoy a higher calorie dinner.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 25,297 Member
    No ... instead I exercise a whole lot more on weekends.
  • sparkle126
    sparkle126 Posts: 132 Member
    Ok cheers, will use my exercise calories. I know people have treats so for eg, people on SW and WW have points and syns. Does the same work with MFP with calories so you allow yourself an allowance for a treat. I normally just bank exercise or go over.
  • Alpine021
    Alpine021 Posts: 27 Member
    I'm good in the week for doing a daily deficit and working out. I like a few drinks at weekends though. So totally agree with some of the above in terms of doing extra exercise at weekends. I'll also eat a bit less. This way I can have drinks with my mates at night. I may be slightly over my calories for the day but I'm still well under for the week. I still have fun at weekends and have lost 2 stone / 28 pounds in about 8 months and I put on about 5 pounds at Christmas which I've since lost. You can totally have a life whilst losing weight.
  • TimothyFish
    TimothyFish Posts: 4,925 Member
    I tend to burn more calories on weekends anyway. I can't, however, say that I have much reason to eat more calories on weekends.
  • MelodyMomof2
    MelodyMomof2 Posts: 45 Member
    I don't eat back my exercise calories during the week usually so I have a little to play with on the weekend. We usually have some sort of dinner with friends where I like to enjoy some yummy food, or a glass or two of wine. I don't usually go crazy (except for super bowl Sunday). It's worked so far. If it starts to be an issue, I'll have to to tighten up on my weekend splurges.
  • ChristopherLimoges
    ChristopherLimoges Posts: 298 Member
  • girlinahat
    girlinahat Posts: 2,956 Member
    I use a rolling NET average. I eat at a calorie controlled limit on a daily basis but this fluctuates depending on how hungry I am. Tonight I have a party to go to so I am anticipating eating up to 3000 calories, but I know I have enough in the bank (through having eaten less and exercised plenty during the week) to keep my average within a sensible range.

    I'm very short, and have a VERY small deficit because I am Half Marathon training. On days where I eat less I don't like to drop below 1100.
  • FoxyMars25
    FoxyMars25 Posts: 112 Member
    I also use a rolling NET average. I tend to eat less during the week since I have a routine (and for some reason, I am just NOT as hungry) and on the weekends, I tend to eat more due to going out to eat or drinking wine and not having a set routine. I also workout just about every day so I usually have a lot of calories banked going into the weekend. For example, I am currently netting 2787 UNDER my weekly goal which gives me a lot of wiggle room for the weekend, plus with Valentine's Day coming up on Tuesday, I want calories banked for that as my boyfriend is making dinner and most likely will not weigh everything out for me (although he does try). This works very well for me and my lifestyle.
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,081 Member
    edited February 2017
    because I'm more likely to enjoy a lie in and have stuff planned from early afternoon onwards on a weekend I tend to have brunch rather than seperate breakfast and lunch, I still work out on the weekends too and walk a lot, so I generally have plenty of room left for a couple of drinks and eating out without having to drop below my calorie goal during the week.