Anyone else gluten free vegan???

Looking for someone following a gluten free vegan diet to share tips with and recipes


  • I'm gluten free and vegetarian. I do eat a lot of vegan food, mainly curries, stir frys etc. Typical breakfasts are nutribix with almond milk, gf oats with hazelnut milk and berries or overnight oats made with alpro soy yogurt and fruit. Lunch I'm quite boring and take home made soup to work. I like mushroom made with almond milk, carrot & lentil, pumpkin and lentil, pretty much anything and lentil really. I've recently got into the new alpro soy high protein yogurts from Morrisons that have a layer of fruit on the bottom, so they often feature in my lunchbox. In the evening I like roasted veg with homemade bean burgers, veg chilli on a potato, tofu with stir fry veg. One of my best recent discoveries is sweet potato starch noodles from the local Chinese supermarket.
  • SophieeBrook
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    Im vegan, but not gluten free. :wink:
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    I am "vegan". I would like to have less gluten in my diet. I went GF for a little bit and found an amazing GF pizza crust from the "wheat belly" cookbook. (sorry if there is more than one) Well, I lost the recipe. :( lol If I find it I'll post it. ;)
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    Hi, I'm vegan and gluten free, feel free to add me
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    I am vegan and gluten free also. Just started using this app to keep track of my daily food in order to identify tummy issues.
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    I'm vegan but not gluten free
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    I'm vegan and gluten free :)