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When people finally start to notice

donjtomascodonjtomasco Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
This has been quite funny. I have had two people notice my weight, the first comment was "you have lost weight and look great, are you around 220 now"? (I was at 202). Then tonight a guy in front of a group said "hey, you have lost weight, what have you lost 30 pounds, maybe 40"? (I have lost around 20).

So yes people notice, I guess what I was not expecting was to realize that I must have looked VERY fat before starting this weight loss program. But I will take it, the comments were well intended.

I read in MFP in an earlier post that people start noticing in the second month, and this has turned out to be true. It takes a while for the body to catch up with the weight lost.

Anyone else have any funny things that have been said to them, which were said in a nice meaning way?


  • leanjogreen18leanjogreen18 Posts: 2,274Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,274Member, Premium Member
    I had someone ask me if I did something to my hair.

    If you look at my picture (on my profile page) to me its a very noticeable change so I thought it was funny they didn't know what was different about me:).
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Posts: 29,238Member Member Posts: 29,238Member Member
    And this is why people often don't get comments and then come on here posting 'why has no one noticed I've lost 40lbs?!'
  • TimothyFishTimothyFish Posts: 4,934Member Member Posts: 4,934Member Member
    Most people really don't pay that much attention to what people look like. Even if they notice a change, they may doubt what they see. It takes a significant change for people to feel comfortable mentioning it.
  • codename_stevecodename_steve Posts: 255Member Member Posts: 255Member Member
    There have been a couple men at the office that have noticed (I'm female, despite my username haha). So they always say something like "Sorry if this is too forward, but you look great!". One of them said "great job! but you didn't really need to lose weight". I usually giggle, blush, and say thanks.
  • CaliMomTeachCaliMomTeach Posts: 564Member Member Posts: 564Member Member
    Someone recently asked a coworker what was going on with me and if I was ok. I've had many people ask if my weight loss was intentional. I think it's been a drastic change in a short amount of time so some people wondered if I was sick. Another coworker recently said, "Ok, I am starting to hate you." When I started, it took a while for most people to notice. I think when I lost about 25 pounds they started. I'm a teacher, and none of my students have commented, but I have lost over 50 pounds since the beginning of the school year. A few people have said that I need to stop losing weight recently. I am now 5'6, 137 pounds.

  • lorrpblorrpb Posts: 8,430Member Member Posts: 8,430Member Member
    I'm glad people noticed and you didn't take anything too personally. Just goes to show that we can't drp e ND on what ot h erst say, because they font really know what they're seeing/saying, LOL
    Are you working out/lifting? That could improve your appearance such thst it looks like you've lost more than you actually have!
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  • rolenthegreatrolenthegreat Posts: 78Member Member Posts: 78Member Member
    One time I told a friend 'OMG you lost so much weight you look great!'
    And she replied 'Oh, uh, I had mono'
    So now I am very careful mentioning other people's weight.
  • donjtomascodonjtomasco Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
    Thanks for your comments. Some really fun ones.

    Yes, I have been working out since I started this December 26th. Lifting 3-4 days a week, 60 minutes treadmill every day, gradually increasing the incline. I had hip replacement surgery last May, so 'this' cardio is also along the lines of additional physical therapy.

    I am a tennis player, and have just started back into playing only doubles, and that is working a who new range of muscles.

    So yes, been cutting calories, not drastically, and eating back many burned calories to my planned daily deficit, and so far so good. Only lifting upper body till my hip gets a full year post op.
  • donjtomascodonjtomasco Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
    One thing about weighing a little more is that the skin is a little healthier looking. Maybe this is just me or my 55 years of age right around the corner. I am noticing on my neck that the skin is a little looser and is making me look like an 'older' person. I don't know if this will correct itself or if it is just part of the aging process. I will not be doing any 'work' on myself, what people see is what they get and who I am.
  • HeidiGrrrlHeidiGrrrl Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    You're lucky. I'm down 56 pounds and nobody has noticed. I've only lost one and a half sizes, so I'm still wearing the clothes I've always worn because they're really not that loose. Or maybe I was just wearing them too tight before. Of course, I'm an old fogey, so maybe my skin is just so stretched out that it doesn't show, and if I was even half my age, perhaps it would have gone back to normal and would show?
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  • priestp1priestp1 Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    I am waiting from someone to ask me if I have had lap band surgery :expressionless:
  • donjtomascodonjtomasco Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
    My wife said "You are looking good". I asked what looked good? She says "Well mostly your stomach does not stick out as far as it used to." I took it as a compliment, since it was my choice to. :)
  • myfitnesspale3myfitnesspale3 Posts: 303Member Member Posts: 303Member Member
    some people are afraid to ask because the weight loss might be from cancer. Funny and sad.
  • crawfishgirl333crawfishgirl333 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    Ive lost only ten pounds so far they kind of noticebut i have got i to my small clothes
  • sunnysunny88sunnysunny88 Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    People only started noticing at the 10 kg mark for me (22 pounds) some people said they noticed something different but not sure what haha they're mostly positive comments or asking how I did it but it made me feel a little bit self conscious like I hesitated to tell people I count calories because i feel like it makes me sound like I'm very restrictive and obsessed with what I put into my mouth but I'm not. Ah well it's nice when people tell me even though I don't notice it in the mirror myself.
  • noobletmcnuggetnoobletmcnugget Posts: 518Member Member Posts: 518Member Member
    I've lost 15lbs so far (5'6" 133 - 118) and no one has noticed. I've noticed though and feel way happier already with how I look. I think that a big reason others haven't noticed is that I always wear baggy clothes so it's hard to tell.
  • ccsernicaccsernica Posts: 987Member Member Posts: 987Member Member
    My mother-in-law remarked the other day that I'll soon have to buy my pants in the boys' department.

    She was the only one in the room who didn't think that was creepy-weird.
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