' cheat day"

I weighed myself yesterday morning at 136. Today I weigh 138. I ate horribly eating both KFC and Whataburger but still kept my calories at around 2,000. Did a little excercise. Does anyone have any experiences on cheat days, and do y'all gain like this??


  • WinoGelato
    WinoGelato Posts: 13,455 Member
    Did you eat 7000 cals above your maintenance cals (not even your goal, your actual maintenance cals for the week)? Doubtful. It's water weight, it's totally normal, it's totally temporary, will likely be gone in a day or two.
  • sand86802
    sand86802 Posts: 125 Member
    Definitely not an expert here but since you ate a lot of fast food. I wouldnt be surprised if the weight gain was water retention from the extra sodium.

    Even if it isnt, dont worry, get back on track and you will lose them. For now I would say drink a lot of water.
  • Fallfrenzy
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    I find that my weight fluctuates a lot sometimes even when I have not had a cheat day. I would think that as long as you kept within your calories, it should be fine. Keep in mind that our weight depends upon a lot of factors such as our hydration, bowel movements, etc. It could be anything. You will likely even out, so don't worry about it too much.