Polar Watch Quitting


So I've had my Polar watch for around 2 years now and it has recently started acting crazy. At first it would just turn off so I replaced the battery. Wonderful...worked again. But recently it's not necessarily stopping it just only picks up a VERY low heart rate. For example, I know when I'm running my heart rate is usually upwards of 185-190 (I realize thats high but it is what it is)...lately its been saying 120-130.... I know thats wrong. Sometimes it will jump to the correct number for a few minutes but it goes right back down. Or it'll get stuck at a number like 160. Anywho, has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if I just need a new chest strap or if I should get a whole new Polar watch or a new heart rate monitor all together. Whats everyone's recommendation?


  • curlsintherack
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    I'd try the chest strap first when I was having syncing issues Polar had me wash mine in a delicates bag on the gentle cycle in my washing machine. that solved my issues.
  • sijomial
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    Can you get to a gym that has Polar compatible cardio machines?

    That way you can compare the machine readout versus your watch which will indicate if it's the watch (receiver) or the strap (transmitter) that is the problem.

    I've enjoyed both a FT7 and even better a FT60 HRM but neither have proved to have longevity. Hope you have a better experience. The more modern chest straps are clearly better than the older models by the way.
  • MichaelJSwann
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    I'll echo what's been said: It sounds like the chest strap. It could also be the battery in the chest transmitter as well. Try changing the battery and washing the strap. If washing doesn't fix it, change it as they usually only last a couple of years, depending on how they're cared for. The Soft Strap (rubbery contacts) is much better than the WearLink Strap (meshy contacts) lasts longer and doesn't require as much care (rinsing is generally all that's required).
  • dbanks80
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    Have you tried changing the battery in the watch AND chest strap? If yes then it is probably the chest strap. That happened to me and I got a new chest strap and it worked.