What do you find very attractive in a woman the most?



  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,605 Member
    Pretty eyes good facial structure nice full lips

    Big boobs
  • melmelw03
    melmelw03 Posts: 5,338 Member
    If she's not a total b!tch.
  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,354 Member
    Football tickets

    Season tickets

    Lower level

    45 yard line

    I'm not picky, I would accept down to the 35 yard line for the right woman
  • freedom2016mfp
    freedom2016mfp Posts: 75 Member
    In no particular order...
    Sense of humour
    Overall personality
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 7,714 Member
    Good grammar.
  • KyleGrace8
    KyleGrace8 Posts: 2,205 Member
    As far as looks who knows, I don't have a type. If you're hot, you're hot. I do have a thing for dimples.
  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,354 Member
    Good grammar.

    I came verrry close to typing the same exact thing.
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 7,714 Member
    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Good grammar.

    I came verrry close to typing the same exact thing.

    I beat you to it.
  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,354 Member
    melmelw03 wrote: »
    If she's not a total b!tch.


    I would settle for 30% less b!tch...... if I were single, which I'm not.

    My wife is sweet, no b!tch e Ness to be found.
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,843 Member
    Pretty face, nice body and such definitely get my attention.

    Humor, inelligence, kindness, positivity, strength...those get my attention.
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,800 Member
    Passionate about life
    Sees the humor
    Wants me rather than needs me

    I just described my wife. How about that?
  • cheezewheel
    cheezewheel Posts: 3 Member
    Totally like a cute face for body features, and a good attitude, caring and understanding, patient with others, common interests, supporting herself, confident.

    Here's an example, if I see a girl singing in public, I pretty much have an instant crush. I love singing and being a little crazy too :D
  • browneyedgirl749
    browneyedgirl749 Posts: 4,984 Member
    Seeing as how I have very few female friends (most females just irritate me) this is what my current female friends have:

    Twisted sense of humor
    Likes making a fool of themselves, especially with me, like singing karaoke (drunk or sober)
    Knows how to flaunt their physical assets without looking like a *kitten* on a daily basis (sometimes is ok)
    Loves animals
    Doesn't think she's better than everyone
    Cusses like a damn sailor
  • bigtiger60
    bigtiger60 Posts: 15 Member
    Intelligent, nice smile, pretty face.....and an *kitten* that looks goooood. :D
  • Gimsteinn
    Gimsteinn Posts: 7,678 Member
    Bubble butt
    Small breasts
    laid back
    Lips like @LL5lifts
    Big eyes


  • subcounter
    subcounter Posts: 2,382 Member
    apart from being into each other physically:
    • decent wit
    • good banter
    • happy by herself, happier with me
    • a genuine and sometimes a sly smile that gets you to smile back every time
    • someone that can tell me stories I don't know if yet & induce instant cogitation by her questions
    • someone that cares about the footnotes and the details rather than the cliff notes.
    good stuff.
  • kwph
    kwph Posts: 7,375 Member
    I Love a woman who knows how 2 Dance ...That is Sexy 2 me ..
  • JLAJ81
    JLAJ81 Posts: 2,477 Member