Wanting to lose 50+ lbs

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Hello everyone, I have been overweight as far as I can remember, I'm an emotional eater and I will eat if I'm stressed, sad, happy (we have to celebrate!), whatever my mood is I will eat, I love food and I have a relationship with hamburgers and wings and all the things i'm not supposed to eat. I'm in a point on my life where besides vanity I want to be healthy for my 2 year old son, I'm 34 and I have high blood pressure issues and there is a lot of diabetics on my family, so if I don't take care of myself there is a high chance I will be diabetic soon (My dad started with Diabetes issues when he was 30). According to my height I should weight 130 lbs., my current weight is 206.1 (this morning), I started this journey a month ago and my initial weight was 215.4. I think I will be happy on 150 lbs. so I have to lost another 56.1 lbs. to reach my goal, I don't want something fast, I really want to change my habits and do this a new way of life, I need a permanent fix not a quick one that won't last. If you have more than 50 lbs. to lose and want some support add me and we can support each other, this journey is better together, we can also exchange tips, recipes, etc. :smile: Have a great day!


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    Feel free to add me! I'm in a similar situation - started at ~215 about a month and a half ago. Down to 202.6 as of this morning. My grandfather had the diabetes issues, but I'm sure several members of my family are pre-diabetic without even knowing it. I'm hoping to avoid that. I have two girls (6.5 and 14 months). Happy to lend some support!
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    Hey Katie :) nice to meet you! Looks like our journey is similar, let's do this! I'm tired of making up excuses for myself, and sorry but I'm brand new on this, how do I add you as a friend? lol
  • Feel free to add me ladies. I too in the same boat fighting diabetes in my family. I just turned 30 this year and want a life change to be healthy. I don't know how to add people yet.
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    Ok I totally suck at this, I'm not that bad with technology but I'm not used to blogs, post, etc, I don't know how to add friends or to reply to a specific person.

    Danielle - I don't know how to add people either, let me figure it out and I will add you

    Belleshep417 - That is awesome and inspiring, I will accept your request :)
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    Hi!! The struggle is real lol!!! Ok, we got this! I started back in January with baby steps at 215.....joined MFP at 205. I'd love to be friends and offer support and encouragement and a few laughs along the way!!! I'll add you!
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    The fabuliz life, is soooo real! But this is our year! We can do this :)
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    Add me too pleasr
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    Happy to meet you ladies! We can do this together! @belleshep417 happy to learn any tips you have to share. :smile:
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    Hi Ladies, I have about 35-40 lbs to lose. I would love to join you on this journey! I tend to do better if I have lots of friend in here :smile:
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    @GloriaE2016 I'll send you a friend request. :smiley:
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    Wow! Your intro post sounds like I could have written that. I have 60+ pounds to lose, 12 and 7 year old daughters, plus I'm getting ready to hit 43. Add me to your list as well.
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    Swimming is probably the easiest way to get an all round body exercise and absolutely blast off those unwanted pounds! Consistency is key to any weight loss program, don't make sudden changes, gradually get into the swing of things. YOU can do it!
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    I'm with you sista! I'm trying to lose 40 lbs. Started 14 days ago and I'm taking baby steps, but my workouts are killer, cuz it makes me feel better. I'm glad we all have something to look forward too. I'm 40 years old and I need to be 40lbs lighter. It will put me at around 140 lbs. Just keeping logging that food, exercise and water....and stay under your calorie intake. Going to be need hungry a few times ain't going kill us. I know it's hard...but sacrifice and dedication is the key to this struggle.
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    I'll send you a request. I've been there. My heaviest weight was 242 and I'm now down to 142 which is perfect for my height. I've lost 88lbs this last year. I'll help you out in anyway I can!!

    What has worked for you diet wise? What are some of your best tips?
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    Hi ladies,
    I'm trying really hard to lose about half of my body weight! I could do with all the help, tips and motivation possible so feel free to add me!
    I've been doing this for a month and have lost a stone already and with some support I know I can keep it up!☺
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    So this is where everyone is that is in the same boat with me! I have about 70 lbs to lose. Have tried on my own for most of my life and it's not exactly taken me very far. I love healthy food but get easily side tracked - some days I'd sell my soul for potato chips. Doesn't help that I get bored easily so there's no way I'll ever be one of those "chicken breast, steamed veggies, and rice every day" kinda girls. Hubby and I LOVE to cook and try new recipes. My biggest issue is portion control. Please feel free to add me! The more people I'm accountable to the less likely I will cheat myself out of my goals.