Home workouts ONLY with weight loss results?



  • GTAFrank
    GTAFrank Posts: 730 Member
    I only work out at home - resistance bands, treadmill and elliptical. Combined with 5:2 I am seeing progress after a month.
  • mariposa224
    mariposa224 Posts: 1,269 Member
    I lost all my weight doing Jillian Michaels DVDs at home and watching my calories. I did 30Day Shred, Ripped in 30, Kickbox FastFix, 6 Week 6 Pack (reached goal weight here), Killer Abs, and Body Revolution. I'm doing a second round of Ripped in 30 now, been over a year since I've done this one, so it's like having a new DVD. lol
  • MrsG31
    MrsG31 Posts: 364 Member
    I've lost about 10 lbs doing at-home work-outs and walking during my breaks at work in addition to counting calories - that is the key right there!
  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    I haven't used a gym at all.

    Nike Training Club (free app) with dumbbells
    Kickboxing DVD (and various other DVDs over the years, but just this one lately)
    Running outside
    Walking outside

    Been working great for me!
  • trogalicious
    trogalicious Posts: 4,582 Member
    I basically lost 100 lbs before I set foot in the gym.

    Weight loss happens in the kitchen. Fitness happens by working out. You don't have to do anything to lose weight except maintain a deficit.
  • Squidgeypaws007
    Squidgeypaws007 Posts: 1,012 Member
    The bulk of my weight loss so far has been from home workouts only (well, that and some running - are we counting activities you can do outside?). Lost a load of weight with TurboFire and then did Insanity!

    The only reason I swapped to a gym is because I wanted to play with the big heavy things :bigsmile:

    Good luck!!:flowerforyou:
  • AA1ex
    AA1ex Posts: 223 Member
    Me! I get grossed out at gyms and am too paranoid to walk or run outside if my husband isn't with me. I eat what I want for the most part too.
  • scrapjen
    scrapjen Posts: 387 Member
    I lost weight several years ago with only at home workouts - I've never stopped working out, but the weight has crept back on. Still doing the workouts but now counting calories too, seeing success so far.
  • strawberriekt24
    strawberriekt24 Posts: 61 Member
    Yep! I do Zumba Core on the Wii mostly, occasionally level 1 of the 30 day shred. Sometimes I will use Endomondo to track walks, but Vegas in the middle of summer is too darn hot to do those much right now.
  • _EndGame_
    _EndGame_ Posts: 770 Member
    I've lost majority of my weight doing home workouts. I really was considering signing up to a gym, but I work mostly at night and I travel a lot, so it wouldn't make much sense joining a gym. I have a treadmill, punch bag, exercise bike and weights bench at home (converted the cellar into a type of gym) and I do most of my exercise in there unless I'm out walking.
  • nessa2BFit
    nessa2BFit Posts: 155 Member
    my first 70 lbs lost were at home workouts only... and mostly on the Elliptical. I did 30 min every day on it and sometimes 20 min in the evening to if i was going to have a high calorie day. Also would do a les miles combat every now and then. just started going to the gym 6 weeks ago but that is for heavy lifting... i still do all cardio at home. anyone feel free to add me if you are active on MFP
  • Topsking2010
    Topsking2010 Posts: 2,245 Member
    P90X in my basement.
  • lastspen
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    So far I've lost almost 30 pounds since April by working out at home and I plan to do at home workouts for probably the next 6-9 months of my journey. Currently I'm doing Turbo Jam and I plan to later do Chalene Extreme,Turbo Fire and C25K in the future. The hardest part about at home workouts for me is to motivate myself not to stop (I'm still working on it). I'm satisfied with workout at home but I do plan to join a gym in order to do some heavy lifting.
  • eileen0515
    eileen0515 Posts: 407 Member
    I've lost nearly sixty pounds, just stepping out my door and hiking. However it was my food choices that are responsible for my success.
  • SabrinaLC
    SabrinaLC Posts: 133 Member
    I only workout at home.
    I've done so many different things from Walk At Home DVD's, Wii games to Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift
  • juliemouse83
    juliemouse83 Posts: 6,663 Member
    I've ditched about 36-ish pounds since January and haven't set foot in a gym. I run, swim and lift weights...got to enjoying that so much, my hubby hooked me up with an Oly bar and plates. :heart: I also tried 30DS (did NOT like it, but got through the first two levels, which was when I discovered lifting).
  • mondaygirl7
    mondaygirl7 Posts: 4 Member
    I only workout at home and have hundreds of dvd's and I have lost weight . I also have an elliptical and an "urban rebounder" (trampoline). I have such a wide variety of cardio and strength training dvds , that I never get bored.

    Yes you can lose weight and stay fit by working out at home ! :)

    I buy most of my workout dvd's at collagevideo.com ... GREAT customer service and you can preview a clip of the workout on their website before you purchase it. They have so many varieties of workouts ! :) You can also call their customer service number and talk to someone who can help you pick a workout based on what you are looking for... . They're very knowledgeable on their products. Hope this helps you .
  • JonathanBB
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    Yes, though I did not have a lot to lose. Wii My Fitness Coach and now doing Insanity. Also play soccer in the fall and tennis mid-June to mid-August, bith 1x per week. QWe just got an elliptical and will use it once I am done with Insanity.
  • ddzubow
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    I stick to at-home workouts only. I started with elliptical only, then added in some body-weight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups), and eventually moved onto some workout DVD programs (Insanity, Body Beast) and running with C25k. As you can see, I have exercise ADD, but that's besides the point...There are plenty of options out there and as long as you stick with it and watch your nutrition, you can definitely get results.
  • determinedbutlazy
    determinedbutlazy Posts: 1,941 Member
    I haven't stepped inside a gym since January 2012. I have lost 70lbs.