Outdoor Excursions- Snap A Pic

ValleyHooper Posts: 1,993 Member
Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to post pics around where you live. If you are outdoors walking, hiking, biking, running, etc take a quick pic and post it here. Let's see some beautiful shots of where you live.

As for me....

Originally, I was from central California (Fresno), but I just recently moved to beautiful Northern California. I am enjoying the relaxing, slower pace of life up here, as well as the gorgeous scenery. I live up in the foothills right near a huge river and lake. I can walk pretty much in any direction and find a nice trail to hike. I enjoy the wildlife I encounter on my daily walks as well. It's spectacular.

Here are some photos I snapped while out for a walk. :)


Now it's your turn to post! I can't wait to see all the awesome photos.