Fitbit calories

NewTnme Posts: 258 Member
What do you think about using Fitbit to help with weight loss.


  • dodgelover
    dodgelover Posts: 2 Member
    Seems to be helping me lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks got rid of soda and try to eat almonds plus lighter portions really hard but feeling lots better. Fitbit keeps reminders going which helps
  • Keapix
    Keapix Posts: 92 Member
    I've found mine to be very helpful; from my experience, the calorie increase it gives me is a lot more accurate than MFP's exercise database. Mine didn't sync for a couple of days, and I felt lost!
  • duncan04
    duncan04 Posts: 67 Member
    I agree with both comments. Fitbit is an awesome reminder and tracker of your activity. Making friends-step challenges. It's all helpful-fun-motivating. Come join us!