When do you buy new clothes?

Hi all! I started my journey last April, and so far I've lost 30 pounds (!!!!)

My clothes have been too big for a while now, and I can't quite decide whether I should buy new or not. I'm a grad student, so I don't have much of a budget, but I've been saving so it shouldn't be too big a problem... Since I want to lose 15 to 20 more though, I'm not sure if it's worth it to deal with baggy jeans and belts, and use all the money when I've hit my final goal! Thoughts?



  • marieamethyst
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    I also recommend thrift stores. I go to Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month when they do their big 50% of everything sale, and usually spend around $2.50 on tops and $4 on bottoms/dresses per piece for name brand stuff. Plus it's tax free. (I just found a black Express tunic that probably would have cost me over $50 in the store, still looks brand new... only $2.50. B) )
  • MacaronStyle
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    I highly recommend having at least one outfit you feel great in at all times. My confidence really suffers if I'm wearing clothes that fit poorly so even if I'm just getting one pair of jeans to tide me over that's very important.
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    I'm down 125+ lbs and Goodwill is my friend. Got a Badgley Mischka bathing suit for $3, multiple jeans for about $5 a piece, a Saks Fifth Avenue coat for $10. I might hit a few "regular" stores once I reach goal, but I've found some awesome stuff and Goodwill and would probably be broke without it. Hehe. If the stuff is baggy enough that's it's bothering you, at least take a peek at a Goodwill or other second hand store. It can't hurt.
  • earlnabby
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    I buy a few necessary pieces in styles that look good even if they are a little loose. This means black trousers for work and tops/sweaters to wear with them. Drawstring or elastic waists are also good for casual.

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    I sell my old things on ebay and buy "new" ones there as well. For example, I just went to Target and tried on their $30+ pants. Then I went to ebay and found the exact one I had just tried for $15 shipped, slightly used. On the same day I sold 2 of my husband's old pants. Good day! :) I do wear my jeans for as long as I possibly can, though.
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    Thanks for the tips! I've been hesitant going back to thrift stores or goodwill because jeans I've gotten there in the past often have worn on the inner thighs. Maybe it's time to try again! Thanks!
  • earlnabby
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    Thanks for the tips! I've been hesitant going back to thrift stores or goodwill because jeans I've gotten there in the past often have worn on the inner thighs. Maybe it's time to try again! Thanks!

    Good luck. I have never been able to find much at my local thrift stores. They don't get many clothes in larger sizes and what they do get goes out the door quickly.
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    Congrats to poster! You've lost 30 so go treat yourself you earned it!
  • roxywho42
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    Goodwill and other thrift stores, plus I bought a lot of leggings and jeggings when I started since they are more forgiving of my size changing.
  • That's a great loss! For me I have lost a little over 40 pounds and my clothes are also getting too big. I am trying to decide when to shop also. I don't want to buy clothes just to have to buy more again in a few months.
  • MelissaLimeKiwi
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    Thrift stores depend on where you live- try goodwill in a bigger town and/or the nicer side of town. It's definitely important to have an outfit you feel great it at every size you are.
  • Ninkyou
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    Clearance racks. You'll save a ton.

    I usually shop clearance athe Target. Sometimes I get things for 70-90% off.
  • lorrpb
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    Goodwill took me through multiple wardrobes while losing 150 lbs. I go almost every week, because new items are put out daily! I also get all my workout wear there and most of my weights. My best deal ever: brand new LL bean gortex hiking pants for $3.00. Went home & found them in catalog for $165.