Anyone have a Samsung Gears s2?

I just switched from a Fitbit Blaze to the Samsung Gear s2 and I have some questions.

1: The calorie burn here:
Is that a TDEE burn or just an activity burn?

(I am at 15000 steps today. With about 9000 from work. I'm a server.)

2: Any insight into this energy balance thing.
It says "vs" like it's comparing 2 weeks. Then the data below is in averages. So is it one weeks average or is it 2 weeks average or is the vs meaningless and that's just the breakdown for the week?


  • shadow2soul
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    Yesterday ended with it saying 1728 cals burned. I had 16,175 steps.

    MFP translated Samsungs data to 2603 calories burned (giving me 400 exercise calories). SHealth though is only giving me 1728 burned.

    I know from previous data that my fitbit would have my burn closer to the 2600 for a day like yesterday.

    I'm just curious if that's my estimated TDEE or not. If it is, I know it's way off. Averaging 2300-2400 and losing 0.3 lbs a week. Not a lot of loss, but it definitely puts me at maintaining on more than 1700.
  • Erutis
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    Hey there, I have a Gear S2. The total should be the total daily burn. Did you put your height and weight into S Health? That may help it adjust your calorie burn rate. As for MFP showing a total for the day, mine never works right, so I have no idea there.
  • DamieBird
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    Following this thread because I just got a Gear S2 yesterday and still learning how it works!
  • Dc_United305
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    I have one also