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Today is a new day! I'm grateful for that. I did really well all day yesterday eating the right foods at the right time until I got home that is. Ugh.... it was late and I managed to consume way to much food and the go to bed. I found my self making several trips to the fridge. I'm thinking it's not a hungry feeling that brought me there multiple times but a compulsion thinking I could maybe get a little satisfaction from the taste and maybe thinking it would relax me or something. I don't really know. I just know I did not like the feelings after. I pray today that I'll have more power over my compulsions. If anyone else has some words of wisdom i would love to hear what you do or did to change.


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    If you think you are eating due to stress try some relaxation techniques after work. Meditation, stretching/yoga might be helpful. Try drinking water or some tea. Soak in a warm bath. Listen to music.
    There are videos on you tube for stretching or yoga workouts.

    Save enough calories for the evening and plan a snack.
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    Get some VERY minty gum - the kind that almost gives you a ice cream headache and makes your teeth cold. Nothing will taste good for a while after that so you get absolute zero satisfaction from foods and the compulsion starts to fade. What you are describing is a habit so change up your routine to help change the mindset that leads to that habitual behavior. In addition to the gum trick I have a mug of herbal tea each night, log it, and then complete my MFP diary as sort of a replacement habit. "Can't have that because I already posted my diary for the world to see"
    Hope this is helpful to you

    Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill will do the trick.
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    I do similar things... go to the cabinet or the fridge looking for satisfaction from... I'm not even sure what, but not hunger.

    The best thing I've been able to do in that scenario is to make myself busy. Do the dishes of vacuum or play with my kids or SOMETHING so that I'm not thinking about food.
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    Can you find another activity that you find relaxing? My snacking generally comes from feelings of boredom, so if I'm activley engaged in something, I'm far less likely to be grazing.

    Even just changing rooms in the house helps sometimes too, like if I go read a book in the bedroom instead of the living room (open concept means that living room basically = kitchen).

    My biggest snacking inpulses come in the afternoons at work, lately I've found that a large cup of hot tea helps me out with that.
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    andrea4736 wrote: »
    Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill will do the trick.

    Oh man. That gum almost hurts. But it's very effective.
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    I bought 3 packs of gum today And sipping on some tea now. Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom and encouragement.