Women v line below stomach

How do i accomplish them


  • Gisel2015
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    Don't have too many babies?
  • canadianlbs
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    type 'v line' or 'v cut' into google? maybe with the word 'bodybuilding' to narrow the context a bit?
    i think it's really ugly, personally. but i realise it's not about me and my personal squicks.
  • Michellelynn219
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    Try reverse crunch and flutter kicks to get that look.
  • TavistockToad
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    Try reverse crunch and flutter kicks to get that look.

    Won't help unless OP has very low bodyfat
  • SonyaCele
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    a solid core workout (better yet a solid full body workout) plus a good diet. You need both. Otherwise if all you do is lower body fat, and you got scrawny muscles underneath you'll look skinny and frail, and i imagine you want that healthy fitness girl look and not the karen carpenter look? , You will have to build those muscles up and then drop your body fat to show it off. Most girls with those cut up strong looking abs dont look like that every day of the year. They put on body fat when they body build, and then drop fat for a show or summer or whatever reason. unless they have some insane genetics, but most girls have to work hard at it.
  • AnvilHead
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    1) Good genetics.

    2) A lot of strength training to build up the muscles.

    3) A very low level of bodyfat to reveal the muscles.

    4) A bodybuilder-type contest prep diet to cut water levels to maximize muscular definition.