Jawbone or fitbit or any wrist tracker / MFP

So I've synced up my wristwatch tracker to myfitness pal but am getting negative calories for excercise.. calories given - calories consumed - excercise giving me a smaller allowance. Surely it should be + excercise. Help please anyone


  • RosieS_1980
    RosieS_1980 Posts: 61 Member
    It will even out during the day... I start on -250 ish! :)

    I think mfp also subtracts the amount of cals you'd have burned anyway in that time frame (when you were working out, from if you'd just been sat on your bum!)
  • mazdauk
    mazdauk Posts: 1,380 Member
    I've specially not synced mine because I didn't want to get freaked out!
  • willsofwales
    willsofwales Posts: 1 Member
    Just delete the exercise calories. Mine auto syncs but at the end of each day I remove my exercise calories so that I monitor consumption/calories in only. I then use fitbit to see what my deficit is. If you are looking to gain weight, leave it sync'd as it shows where you need to up the calories. I don't know how it affects macros however, but assume if you have macro's set, it just spreads across using 40/40/20 or whatever macro set up you have.