Recommendations on workouts to try at home

So I've been doing hiit sessions 3 days a week from week 1. Started at only 10mins but now progressed to 20mins...go me. I need a good video/trainer to follow, using YouTube preferably. Also a workout that incorporates some strength in poss
Thanx in advance


  • aimeetu
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    Have you thought about streaming Beachbody on Demand? It is amazing and a GREAT deal. It's 99/year for every single workout they offer. Shaun T. P90X, Bodybeast. I love it!
  • shadow2soul
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    FitnessBlender is free.

    Sparkpeople tv is free.

    DailyBurn offers a free 30 day trial and is $15 a month after that. Lots of programs/videos to choose from and the 365 video (live brodcast workout that is different everyday, if you miss the start time you can replay it later that day)

    Beachbody on Demand is I want to say $45 every 3 months. The older beachbody programs can be streamed with the membership, but new ones have to be purchased.
  • Piqueaboo
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    Yoga with Adriene on YouTube comes highly recommended by a LOT of my friends, I did some which was great, and it's free.

    The 30 Day Shred gives you "quick" results, there are several groups and threads about the video. It's a quick, daily workout for 30 days, I never made it past day 6 though. I think the first one or two weeks are on YouTube for free.

    Blogilates by Cassie Ho - free on YouTube :)

    I do Kayle Itsines Sweat, 3 times a week, the program is quite pricey unless you know someone who can give you a copy. So far I've been at it and noticed results.
  • b3achy
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    During the Amazing Race Challenge, I've been enjoying most of the Jessica Smith ("jessicasmithtv" on YouTube) Videos we've been doing. She has a nice variety of workouts for all fitness and health levels (if you are trying to get a workout in despite an injury). I especially like her dog, Peanut. :)

    Some people like the PopSugar Videos ("PopSugar Fitness" on YouTube).

    I'll second Fitness Blender as another good site (we use them a lot in the Amazing Race too), and I find their workouts are a bit more challenging than other sites.

    I'm not a huge fan of videos myself, so I like DareBee's site of printed out / sheet workouts if I'm going to do something different/unique at home rather than my usual going for a walk or heading out to paddleboard. I prefer it because then I can pick workouts and the exercises to do. Might not be for you, but figured I'd post it for those that are reading the thread.
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    Death by burpees:
    Minute 1- 1 burpee
    Minute 2- 2 burpees
    And so on until you can't do them all in the minute.. It sucks a lot, You don't even YouTube!