What if?

You dont eat your excercise calories back?


  • mcraw75
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    Depends. ;)
  • TavistockToad
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    the world will END.....
  • LessCookiess
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    MFP calculates the calories you should eat without even taking into consideration that you will be working out. When you work out it's just like being able to eat more calories and you're still able to lose weight. Most people on here tend to eat back at least half (sometimes less) of the calories they burned during working out. The reason behind this is cause calorie Burn numbers is often overestimated such as when you're using the elliptical or treadmill.

    So to compensate for the error percent that could be occurring most people eat back half. However, if you so desire feel free to eat all of it back and see how it goes, or even half. Good luck on your journey!

    I hope this helps ^_^
  • lazyprincesss
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    Bigger deficit, faster weight loss. But also, more hungry & therefore more likely to binge
  • Sara1791
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    It depends on how big a deficit it creates and how long you do it. Diet and exercise can both play a role in creating a calorie deficit. Some people purposely create all or part of their deficit with exercise and that's fine as long as you don't make it too big. The definition of too big depends on how much you have to lose.

    If I do it too often it makes me mean and cranky(er) and less likely to stick to my plan.

    I like your name, btw.
  • bagge72
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    Bigger deficit. Which for some people can be perfectly fine, and others put them at a dangerously low net calorie count for the day.
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    I eat some of mine back if I feel hungry, not if I don't. I tend to look at it more as a cushion I can fall back on if I need/want to eat more than my usual.
  • eileen0515
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    I didn't eat them back, when I had my big weight loss, 70 pounds. Now I am working on a few vanity pounds (5) I feel terrible and somewhat dizzy if I don't eat them.
  • fbchick51
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    If I don't, it almost always leads to a bad binging effect for me.
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    Over shorter periods of time, nothing bad is going to come from it. Over longer periods of time, there could be some pretty serious side effects, but there are lots of things that come into play at that point.

    Generally speaking, not eating back exercise cals will create a bigger deficit. Bigger deficits = faster weight loss. Faster weight loss = a happier MFPer.

    But (and there's always a but)...
    bigger deficits = faster weight loss DOES NOT (usually) EQUAL healthy relationships with food, learning good habits regarding portion control and overall intake, nor long term sustainability.