Meal prep beginner

I'm looking at meal prepping. I've never done it before. I tend to make bad decisions when I don't plan my meals. I have no idea how to begin, what to get or how to store. Blank slate here. Tips, tricks, recipes, anything you can throw at me. (I hate seafood)


  • kommodevaran
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    Start with the plan. Start the planning with what you like. Find recipes for what you want to eat. The ingredients in those meals are what you need to get. Buy perishables for the next 3 to 7 days, not more. You can buy non-perishables in bulk. Don't but seafood.
  • Queenmunchy
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    Make a dish, portion it into equal containers, label and freeze. Boom, you have your own prepped meals that you can eat. If you make a few every once in a while, you end up with a ton of choices.
  • julie_broadhead
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    These ladies have some great tips and tricks. They also have small meal plans they release every week.

    That being said, I usually plan meals for the whole week. One breakfast, one lunch, and four dinners. Then I go shop and get just the things I need. I set aside time on Sunday to make breakfast and the lunch option. I also pre chop my veggies for my dinners. Here are some recipes I use frequently:

    If you do not already own one, I would invest in a slow cooker:-) It will make your life so much easier. I use regular Rubbermaid plastic wear to store my meals. I like the long rectangular container and the 5 cup square containers. As you are just starting out, I recommend starting with prep for one meal then work your way up to doing more. Both of the websites I linked have awesome recipes that require minimal ingredients. Hope this helps.