Salad dressings



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    If you like creamy dressings like ranch etc, get the litehouse or bolthouse farms greek yogurt types. Very good and way fewer calories.
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    Nowadays I'm happy with just some Dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.. but if I want to splurge on some blue cheese dressing once in a while, nothing wrong with that.
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    My best friend only eats ranch. She just eats 1 tablespoon instead of 2. At first it was hard, but now she's used to it. I prefer vinaigrettes.
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    Bolthouse farms! Theyre in most grocery stores near the salads refrigerator section (not the usual salad dressing aisle) They're yogurt based salad dressings and only around 40-45 cals/2 tb try their ranch! I have their salsa ranch, creamy garlic, and creamy balsamic they're all equally yummy.

    This! Boathouse also makes OPA dressing and its fantastic

    Another vote for Boathouse Farms. Many of their dressings are light and tasty. Another favorite of mine is Hendrickson's Sweet Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. It's thin, tangy, sweet, and coats a salad easily with just 2 tbsp @ about 70 calories.
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    A squeeze of lemon and a tbsp of grated parmesan with some pepper actually goes a long way.
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    I generally make my own, but if I want something quick, I like Ken's steakhouse dressings. However, I am not a fan of creamy dressings, I prefer vinaigrettes.
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    I use buttermilk ranch (Walmart) and it's 55 calories for 1 tablespoon. I put that in a plastic container filled with my greens and other veggies and shake it up and it's amazing how perfect just 1 TBS of the dressing is and it's still ranch. The buttermilk is lower calories than other ranch. It's 110 calories for 2 tbs
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    Fat free sour cream and hidden valley ranch packets. Less calories than any light ranch and has more flavor
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    I either make my own (olive oil, dijon mustard, and lemon juice with some salt and pepper) or use olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
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    Skinny girl brand is amazing, no sugar, low sodium, low calorie.
    I personally have taken a liking to just olive oil drizzle with a bit of salt.
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    Tessamae's dressings are pretty awesome, but they are pretty pricy. I make my own most of the time.

    I could drink the lemon garlic.

    It is sooooooooo good. Like the best dressing I have ever eaten times a million.

    It is expensive at my Kroger but I'll pay. Then periodically it's half price and I stock up.
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    I like the Opa brand ranch - it is made with yogurt and the calories aren't bad.
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    Lemon juice, a bit of zest and herbs to taste - hardly any calories, no hidden ingredients and gives a good zing!
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    ggeise14 wrote: »
    My favorite is just Aged Basalmic (from Love that Olive) and #2 is Panera's Poppyseed Dressing (fairly low in calories compared to others).

    Panera's poppyseed is also pretty low in sodium compared to other dressings too.

    I actually have a bunch of dressings in my fridge that I use depending on what is in my salad, what I want, and what calorie and sodium goals I have that day. (Panera's poppyseed I just discovered last month, I like it.)