Food to eat while working out

Hi everyone so I have this big training weekend to become a les Mills instructor and was wondering if anyone had any tips for food I should be eating during my workout that won't make me feel heavy or sick ,Ike cereal bars protein bars etc ? I will be training intensely for 6-7 hours



  • olong
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    I find that I can stomach a protein shake, but made with just water and protein powder, while I exercise. It's enough to keep calories dribbling in, without making me feel sleepy from digesting. I don't prefer to eat bars while exercising (I mostly walk/jog/run.).
  • jjpptt2
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    It's going to be a lot of trial and error for you to see what sits well and what doesn't. The problem is that you don't have much time to try different things.

    I guess I would suggest sticking with regular foods (rather than energy products). Regular foods are just as good for the vast majority of people, and generally speaking, they are more reliable/predictable regarding possible stomach/GI problems.

    That said, I would probably go with things like gummy bears and rice crispy treats... bananas & PB, peanut M&Ms, trail mix... maybe even a PB&J sandwich if you want something more substantial.
  • JoshGouvisis
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    If i ever eat anything while training it a small gala apple, avacado, or hazlenuts. Most of the time i wont eat anything. My drink bcaa's or a red bull but thats it for me
  • trigden1991
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    Jelly beans
  • deannalfisher
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    I second @trigden1991 jelly bean recommendations - you want a simple carb that will give energy quickly - they are my go-to during triathlons (assuming I have a solid breakfast in the am)