Opinions on a rowing machine

I've always thought it was one of the less used machines and how can it work if your sat on your butt..... but I've been reading up on it and apparently they are one of the best machines to use.



  • Machka9
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    I am on the hunt for a used Concept2 Rower ... but I know that my search will likely be in vain because they are so popular and apparently so good that people don't get rid of them, or if they do, they're snapped up in seconds.

    We'll likely end up having to buy new.

    Meanwhile, I enjoy using the rowing machines at the gym. It is a good workout.
  • pondee629
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    I use the rowing machine at the gym for two types of workouts;
    A more or less steady state cardio workout for 20-30 minutes trying to keep a steady pace throughout, and:
    (After a warm up) two minutes hard on the rowing machine, at least 500 meters, followed by 10 6 count burpees, rest one minute and do it again for a total of three times.
    Both are a workout. I enjoy the cardio work while being on a break from treadmill.
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    The great thing about the rowing machine is upper body use. The best machine? Debatable. Personally I alternate some rowing with treadmill and elliptical work.
    IMO, the stepmill or Jacobs ladder are the toughest machines to endure.

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  • __TMac__
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    I'm a rower. Used properly, it's mostly lower body. But it hits everything except pectorals and upper body push muscles.

    I row 10km to 14km 3x/wk. Except when training for sprints, then I do intervals. I run or bike 3 more days and supplement with push-ups, pull-ups, and dips.

    C2 is the gold standard. Wouldn't consider anything else. I do know people who like WaterRowers, though.
  • JonDrees
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    I really like them and my clients with bad knees love them. Aside from swimming, I think it's probably the best form of cardio you can do for your body.
  • Sara3434
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    Thank you all, I currently only workout at home, HIIT sessions, some weights and punch bag, was debating buying a rowing machine too as I read it helps with fitness and muscle.
  • lokihen
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    It's on my wish list. I tried to talk my boss into selling me his Concept2 that he never uses (sacrilege!), but no luck.
  • Fractalkitty
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    I love the WaterRower - nice sound, good on the knees, small storage space, and a great workout.
  • CTcutie
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    I'm sad bc my gym doesn't have them anymore! Said not enough people were using them so they got more ellipticals/arc trainers :-(
  • jenmarrs429
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    I have always had a Concept2 since rowing crew in college. It is an amazingly efficient and safe workout.
    Be sure to get your rowing form right when you start using one.