Looking for a jumping jack alternative for my poor arthritic knee. Any suggestions?

Hi. So I have arthritis and I have been walking alternating with yoga videos, but I want to add strength training into the mix. I found NerdFitness Bodyweight Circuit via the message boards, but the jumping jacks are not my friend. Is there an alternative to jumping jacks I can do instead? (Don't have access to gym or pool)


  • SonyaCele
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    you can do modified jumping jacks and just step out to the side instead of the jump. but there isn't a way you can modify the actual jump . And you don't need to jump in strength training. I dont jump anymore , i'm too old and brittle, i always just step out when it comes to any jumping movement. I will occasionaly do jumping using a TRX , because i can buffer the impact , but generally i gave up jumping years ago.
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    Thank you @SonyaCele. I landed on that particular circuit because I thought, "I can do those things", but...after one circuit I was limping around the rest of the day. After I posted, I found something called a power jack that I will try. It's kind of a stepping, squating, flying thing. No jumping!
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    I have done the nerdfitness routine as a build up for lifting, and still use it for when I am travelling or unable to get to the gym. I have never done the jumping jacks- I don't think they would do my knees any favours (no knee problems, don't want any).

    I tend to do either step-ups or side walks using the jj arm movement.
    High knees would work as well. I just look at that portion as just getting in a bit of cardio to keep the heart rate up.

    Cheers, h.
    Ps. I like the sound of the power jack- I may give it a go next time I am away.
  • ddveedub
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    Thank you for your insight from experience @middlehaitch. I'm having to modify and will be working up to more than once through. My backside was so sore after the first time I tried it!
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    Jumping jacks shouldn't be in the Nerdfitness routine, because they are high impact. They aren't a strength exercise, if that's your purpose with doing the program. :+1:
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    @Cherimoose, I have always thought it a strange insertion too, that's why it has never bothered me subbing in something else.

    Cheers, h.
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    I agree with the other posters modify according to your needs. To put things in perspective, I'm a 56 year old male double hip replacement arthritic knee and shoulder that both will have to be replaced. There are a lot of exercises I do that I have to modify do the my arthritis. Sometimes those modifications vary from day to day depending on how my knee feels.

    My other recommendation is see an orthopedic and a physical therapist who can prescribe a strength training program for the knee. What I found is that by strengthening the muscles around the knee it will take some of the strain off your knee. something else to look into is Orthotics because sometimes the minor realignment of the feet will take a lot of pressure off the knee joint. Also by losing weight and I'm not sure what your goals are that will also take a lot of strain off the knee.

    If your goal is to lose weight as you lose the weight you will notice less pain in your knee. From what I've read for every pound of weight you take off it's the equivalent of six pounds of pressure off your knee joints.

    Also to give you hope as far as what you could accomplish. 2 years ago if somebody told me I could do a spinning 360 plyometric jump I tell them their nuts. I can do multiples now.
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    Marching in place, plank jacks, squat jumps, burpees, wall squats can help take pressure off your knees and it's a great strengthening move. Make sure you're landing on the balls of your feet with jumping moves. To make workouts easier try a supportive knee brace.
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    Mountain climbers!