Who likes peanut butter on their pancakes?



  • synchkat
    synchkat Posts: 37,369 Member
    Maple syrup and butter on pancakes
    Yogurt or ice cream on waffles
  • ddveedub
    ddveedub Posts: 140 Member
    Peanut butter and honey my absolute favorite!
  • hildreth0814
    hildreth0814 Posts: 4 Member
    Grew up on homemade pancakes every Sunday with peanut butter and homemade hot syrup my brother liked peanut butter and jelly on his.
  • Xvapor
    Xvapor Posts: 1,643 Member
    Peanut butter makes anything better
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    I usually have one with peanut butter and jam, one with cookie butter and fruit, one with syrup and fruit, one with whipped cream, syrup and fruit, one with Nutella and strawberries.
  • zcb94
    zcb94 Posts: 3,679 Member
    Homemade pancakes +1 serving sugarfree maple syrup+1 serving peanut butter=at protein goal but, mathematically speaking, can't eat or drink anything else this week, but heaven anyway.
  • angelexperiment
    angelexperiment Posts: 1,923 Member
    Peanut butter on top til melts with fruit jam on top or mini chocolate chips in place of syrup we don't really buy
  • yellingkimber
    yellingkimber Posts: 229 Member
    Strawberry jam <3<3:p