bike commuters - Thule pannier clip

i'm looking at Thule panniers for the lovely lovely waterproofing and the cavernous interior, but have never used anything with that side-angle bottom clip before. can anyone help me with feedback about how secure you think the clips are? are they easy to use? a pain to use? etc etc.

my 10-year go-to has been with the type of clips that you hook on the bottom and then pull up to tighten and clip at the top of the frame. i'm also using a bike with a bontrager rack, for whatever info that gives.

little nervous as there's equipment getting carried that isnt' mine. thanks in advance.


  • MeanderingMammal
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    I have Vaude on my CX that I use for local commuting, which has a similar arrangement.

    I carry clothes and washkit in one side and laptop and lunch in the other. I find it secure although it's worth spending a little time setting up to make sure you're happy it's secure.

    I have come off with the bike loaded, riding through forestry on the way home, and the pannier bags stayed in place.