Ladies... need a buddy for 10-15 lbs weight loss



  • anarchysdaughter
    anarchysdaughter Posts: 17 Member
    Please feel free to add me - I have an initial 15 pounds to drop to get over my plateau but am looking to lose more afterward!
  • ejnxyz
    ejnxyz Posts: 33 Member
    Add me, I'm on the last 10 pounds, it's brutal! Go team!
  • JenR1022
    JenR1022 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone!! I took a 6month hiatus from this app, made some progress without it, but know the last bit is going to be the hardest. I'm losing the weight but now it's time to work on the overall fit level!! Add me and let's keep each other motivated!!
  • Marss86
    Marss86 Posts: 33 Member
    Add me! I am definitely in the same boat as you. I'm 30 years old and I would like to lose 10 pounds, maybe even 15. The hardest part about losing weight for me is eating the right portion sizes and cutting out the sweets. I would love to have motivation to workout and not succumb to ice cream !
  • bexdc
    bexdc Posts: 202 Member
    Please add me. Just rejoined MFP today -- need to lose 10 pounds to get back into racing shape. Thanks.
  • Skipper111
    Skipper111 Posts: 392 Member
    Hi guys!!!

    I am looking to lose a further 10lbs. I have a horrific tendency to binge eat and undo weeks of hard work in one bad weekend :-(

    Feel free to add me :-) I need all the motivation I can get :-)

    Good luck guys
  • officials
    officials Posts: 33 Member
    Feel free to add me!!
    I just have 15 complete lbs left to go but I'm opening my diary once I get the next 5 off since I'll be in the tension-y zone at the last 10 lbs, heh.
  • amy5ka1h
    amy5ka1h Posts: 4 Member
    edited March 2017
    If you're still looking for friends, you can add me. I've never done a group before but would like too. I'm 37 and have about 15 lbs to lose. I've been having trouble sticking with this lately and think a group will help
  • camoballerina91
    camoballerina91 Posts: 257 Member
    I'm wanting to lose 15 to 20, I'm going to see how I feel after losing 10 more pounds before I try to lose any more though. I'm trying to get back in the habit of working out but at the moment I'm stuck in a rut and just can't seem to find the motivation to get out of it. I'm getting there though, slowly but surely.

    Add me if you like :smile:.
  • racamill397
    racamill397 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too! I'm 27 years old and am on a journey to go from 191lbs to 165lbs! I'm down to 180 but keep going up a few pounds and back to 180. Feel free to add me and we can keep each other accountable!
  • kdemaio11790
    kdemaio11790 Posts: 4 Member
    I need help getting over A plateau that is turning into an uphill slide with my weight.
    I'm 44 years old and lost about 15 pounds over the summer. My goal was to maintain for a little bit, but I'm afraid the scale is slowly creeping up.
    And when I renew my efforts, I end up crashing over the weekend to be back where I started again every Monday.
    How do I break this cycle?
    ~ Karen
  • emilywalther
    emilywalther Posts: 2 Member
    I'd love to join! I'll be 30 in July and have lost about 34 lbs so far with another 5-10 to go! I feel like the final stretch is the hardest for me at least! Feel free to add me and I hope you guys don't mind if I add you!
  • lindafit4life21
    lindafit4life21 Posts: 71 Member
    Hi everyone I'm Linda I have 20 to lose feel free to add me to everyone that wrote on here I need friends to help me along this weight loss . Thanks
  • annadebus
    annadebus Posts: 1 Member
    You can add me if you like! X
  • Tattoos_and_Tea
    Tattoos_and_Tea Posts: 529 Member
    I'm 33 and have 7lb left to lose, feel free too add me x
  • sodom2011
    sodom2011 Posts: 2 Member
    Looking for supportive friends to help each other to meet our goals.
    Add me please!
  • txpetvet
    txpetvet Posts: 13 Member
    I'm trying to do the same ..just starting today
  • txpetvet
    txpetvet Posts: 13 Member
    You can add me I'd love to join.
  • txpetvet
    txpetvet Posts: 13 Member
    I've been needed to lose 10-15 pounds fit over a year and I need help sticking to my plan
  • kenzienal
    kenzienal Posts: 205 Member
    23yr old female with 15lbs to lose. Feeling like it just wont budge.

    Motivation is something I struggle with also.