Working out while fasted

I've been working out early am while fasted for the last 2 months I'm guessing I'm a little weaker while in fasted state than I would be otherwise?
What are people thoughts on working out fasted or non-fasted ? Will it do me any harm/not give me any benefit?


  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
    RuNaRoUnDaFiEld Posts: 5,864 Member
    I don't run as fast when I run fasted.

    I do 1 fasted run a week due to time constraints and it is my worst result.
  • CaffeineAngel
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    I've never actually exercised when not fasted. I just prefer to do it when I've just woken up, and don't eat until lunch several hours later.

    Not sure how useful this is (probably not very!), but just commenting that I've done three hour walks, weight lifting etc etc on an empty stomach for a long time and don't feel I've done too bad at it. But then I couldn't imagine exercising after food - I'd just want to relax :p.

    I have no ideas of the benefits or drawbacks, just whatever I suppose feels right for you, you can do long term and fits your schedule. Being an early bird and practising a 18/6 fasting window, I just do what works for me!
  • TavistockToad
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    i occasionally exercise fasted, but don't do anything really intense or long distance.

    some people can do it, some cant, but its really a matter of preference.

    try changing your workout time, see if you get better results?
  • apullum
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    I can't do it. Even with easy workouts, I just get lightheaded, and I'm not going to get better results if I pass out :) I just eat something small, like a piece of fruit, before I exercise.
  • AigreDoux
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    I do usually, not because I love it or I think it's better, but just cause of time constraints. I usually exercise at 4:30 or 5 am and need to finish by 6 when my kids wake up. So I don't want to wake up earlier to eat, and don't really like exercising on a full stomach anyway.

    On the weekends I usually eat something before my longer runs. And it is better. But fasted workout>no workout.
  • trigden1991
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    It is personal preference. For 95% of the population there are no benefits. For the small percentage of lean individuals, there are some benefits of fasted cardio/training.