Day 77

So I have been on myfitnesspal on and off for quite a few years. I have had a problem with weight since my wife first got pregnant over 21 years ago. I was always on a roller coaster, gaining and losing but always gaining more than losing. A few years ago I started to get sick and it went undiagnosed for at least 3 years, maybe more. I lost the desire to lose weight and my weight crept up. Finally I was diagnosed with hypeparathyroidism and a large tumor was removed from near my spine in my neck. I slowly began to feel better. This last January I weighed in at 268, I am 5' 10". That was the heaviest I have ever been.

I decided one day to get back on myfitnesspal and be serious this time, I want to be around for my grand kids when they come. I have been nearly obsessive over logging my calories and have tried a more low carb, high protein approach. I have only had a couple of days where I did not stay under my calorie goal and have logged all my food for 77 days now, sometimes I don't log vegetables though, trying to get better about that. I do some exercise, walking/jogging a couple of times a week outside or on the treadmill and I play volleyball once a week for a couple of hours with some friends. I weigh myself every morning just to keep motivated and I log my weight once a week. I am now down 32 pounds and feel 100% better. My goal is to get below 200, and stay there! My wife started doing it with me also and that has helped, she has lost 12 pounds! I plan on exercising more often now that I can do it without killing my knees and feet. Thanks for letting me share.


  • RedsGirl73
    RedsGirl73 Posts: 114 Member
    Awesome job!
  • caroldavison332
    caroldavison332 Posts: 864 Member
    you go, guy!
  • greenhydrangea
    greenhydrangea Posts: 39 Member
    That is fantastic. 77 days. great!
  • gandssmith
    gandssmith Posts: 67 Member
    Great job!!! Keep it up!
  • titotito48
    titotito48 Posts: 120 Member
    Awesome for you!
  • ScottishRob1
    ScottishRob1 Posts: 49 Member
    Thanks all for the support!!
  • cklguy11
    cklguy11 Posts: 6 Member
    Great work. It's interesting to see your weight loss is about a pound a week, that's what I'm seeing as well, so unfortunately no quick fix, we just have to stay at it day in and day out.
  • ScottishRob1
    ScottishRob1 Posts: 49 Member
    Day 119, things are still gong well. I appreciate the support. I am down 36 pounds and, although the weight loss has been really slow for a while, I still feel better than I have in years. Temptations are easier to fight off and I am not hungry all the time. Keep it up to all of you out there! We can do this!
    In it for the long haul.
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