Small Victories!!

Tuesday is my weigh in day. I always have that worry mindset. What if I didn't lose any weight this week? Fortunately, I did!! It was only 0.6lb which is what I lost the past two weeks in a row.

The weight does not go on overnight. So.... It is not going to come off overnight either. Although it would be great to see large number's dropping off each week; that is not what we should expect.

What are your thoughts on only seeing small victories..??

Have a great day!!



  • happysherri
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    That's Great! I only have about 10 lbs to lose, I don't put much into the number on the scale right now. As long as I see results in the gym and the mirror - I'm happy. Small victories are wonderful! I set small weekly goals (more veggies, set cardio days with lifting - I hate cardio, more water, etc...), I'm so happy when I accomplish them each week. I've hit plateaus in the past couple months off and on - so if I only relied on the results of the scale I would have given up. :wink:

    You are correct it takes time and patience. Keep it up
  • theowlbox
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    I was pulling out butter from the freezer and saw what 1 lb looks like. I tried to remind myself that even if I only lose a smaller amount this week, it's still *this* much less. So I now feel like there are no small victories at all. They're all great!

    Also, i am trying to just plug away at it like any other habit and focus on other things in my life that i'm passionate about. If it doesnt get so big in my mind, it remains manageable and a less emotional topic. It's just keeping under this number in this app on my phone. It's just flossing, just using eye cream. When I do this, I can be proud of the habits separately. Getting back into swimming, cutting down caffeine, increasing fruit and veg intake. Then I have many categories of success!

    (Oddly, I have high self esteem and tend to think I'm amazing so I've changed this weight loss task to reflect areas *where I succeed* to go along with my intrinsic belief that I am a boss. But this may work for others to tap them into believing better things about themselves.)
  • lorrpb
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    "Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long term results. " Robin Sharma