I'm looking for advice on finding quality supplements, I've heard that some supplements you buy could have none of what you think you are buying !


  • elphie754
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    Unless you have a specific diagnosed deficiency, or a non-well rounded diet, supplements aren't needed. You are basically just creating very expensive urine (too many water soluble vitamins) or building up in your body, sometimes to toxic levels (too many fat soluble vitamins) .
  • rollerjog
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    if your diet is on point do you need to take vitamins maybe maybe not i take them for insurance just to make sure im getting all the vitamins and minerals in that i need, as for supplements i stay away from proprietary blends type supplements heres a link to a good web page to look up supplements https://examine.com/ a lot of info about supplements its a great resource to look things up good luck
  • Gallowmere1984
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    Become really familiar with that site.