Ladies only- please post your before & after pics of heavy lifting/weights - NO COMMENTING PLEASE

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NO COMMENTING ON THE POSTS PLEASE - Feel free to hit "Like, Awesome, Inspirational" etc, but NO COMMENTING on the pictures posted.

Hi ladies

I am wanting to start lifting weights and would love to see pictures of the results you've had.

I know there are other threads on here, but they're so long and full of many comments that you have to go through pages to find the pictures.

So this thread will hopefully contain inspirational pictures that we can quickly access without having to trawl through loads of pages.

For those that are posting pictures, if you wouldn't mind specifying the following info when posting your pictures, it would definitely help.

Your height:
Before weight:
After weight:
How long it took to achieve the results:
What you did to achieve your results, including diet and exercising, what programs you followed, if you went to the gym etc:
Any additional info:

Thanks in advance.


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