Fitbit HR, how accurate?

I have never used a fitness tracker before, and I am considering buying one. So far the best reviews I've read have been on Fitbit. Mostly I want to have my heart rate measured throughout the day, especially during workouts - and therefore calories I burn daily or when I exercise. It is a bit pricey however, so I was wondering if it is worth the pay in terms of accuracy and effectiveness.


  • buffinlovin
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    I have both a fitbit one and a charge HR 2, and I love them :) I do think the heart rate monitor can be off at times, but as I wore it longer it "learned" more about my habits and got better. I wear the One on my ankle just because I do a lot of walking in place and the HR2 doesn't always register the steps.

    I do only eat maybe half of my exercise calories back (or just save them for a larger deficit on the weekends), only because I think the number is a bit inflated.
  • jeepinshawn
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    In my experience the fitbit calorie burns ended up wildly inaccurate, and I went through 5 of them in 2 years, bands kept breaking. I have had a Garmin vivofit hr for a week or so now and it's burns appear to be more realistic. Unless you have a heart condition though keep in mind that the hr function is just a toy, and you don't need it to lose weight. For reference my fitbit charge hr often had me burning over 3000 calories a day just for getting 10 to 15k steps in. My Garmin has me at about 2400 which appears to be in line with my weight loss.