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What are some substitutes for certain foods



  • dragon_girl26
    dragon_girl26 Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited April 2017
    Just eat less of whatever these mystery items are?
  • Ocean_Breezy
    Ocean_Breezy Posts: 55 Member
    I love honey in my oatmeal, but it's high in sugar so I use cinnamon as a substitute. No calories, no sugar and it still flavors the oatmeal. This journey is about changing habits and we have to train ourselves to let go of those food choices that don't contribute to our weight loss journey. I love milk, I'm only drinking a 1/4 cup 2% of it in my coffee these days. I said good-bye to the sweet creamers. I found that adding 1/2 cup of blackberries to my oatmeal help fill me up as well and they are low in calories and sugar.