How could an unfit, bit overweight, leisure-loving, anxious and on-a-budget woman get strong?



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    Starting tonight (because why not start today?!) I think I might do something like this:
    • Mon - 2x15 squat + overhead press; 2x15 single leg dumbell row (each side); 3x20 second planks; 2x15 lunges (each side); 2x10 supermans (I figure this will take me 20-30 minutes to complete); 30 minute walk
    • Tue - 30 minute brisk walk
    • Wed - 30 minute yoga; 30 minute brisk walk
    • Thu - Repeat Monday's workout
    • Fri - 30 minute brisk walk
    • Sat - 20000 steps
    • Sun - Repeat Wednesday's workout

    At least something like that will help get me into a routine, and I can add more reps/weight/intensity in time. Does this sound feasible?

    Yes, I do think it sounds like a great start. Compound exercises are simple but effective, and if you've been doing yoga you can also do that at home. Good luck!!