New User to My Fitness Pal

After tracking my food for the last 2 days, I see that I am consuming more calories than I thought! Shocking...Real eye opener! :/


  • suekimmckee
    suekimmckee Posts: 3 Member
    I have been tracking for a few days and I went above the limited sugar I should have a day just in my morning coffee.
    This app is very new to me
  • dejavuohlala
    dejavuohlala Posts: 1,821 Member
    You will soon get used to it, stick with it you can adjust as you go along, it's great to keep you on track. Good luck
  • twinmombb
    twinmombb Posts: 60 Member
    I have been the same, but in realizing it and actually seeing it tracked hoping it helps me to make the needed changes
  • moonbeam568
    moonbeam568 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm up to 10 days logging my food and swimming a few days a week I was shocked to see exactly how many calories are in certain foods .
  • FitGlowNow
    FitGlowNow Posts: 8 Member
    My biggest eye opener was my coffee creamer. I had way to much in my cup but that's how I like it. The struggle is real!