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    lizery wrote: »
    Maybe it's your immune system. Exposure to these germs may help build it.

    Also, hot tip - wash your hands before putting them in your mouth, nose or eyes, particularly if you've been touching items other people have touched. Hand washing is the number 1 way to prevent spread of pathogens.

    Alternate hot tip - being immunised against hepatitis b if you're touching things random people have sweated on is a sensible idea, as is having a yearly influenza vaccine if you're in busy contact environment.

    Look, I am only pointing out that people at the gym are slobs. And I do wash my hands. Your response is a little condescending.
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    Sara1791 wrote: »
    Wiping a dry bench with a gross used rag seems like sanitation theater to me. It also can't be good for the treadmills to be spraying them with liquid. I don't usually bother. If I actually leave sweat behind, I find a paper towel from the other side of the gym and use that.

    ETA: But I also keep my hands away from my face when I'm in public, use hand sanitizer on the way home, and wash my hands immediately upon entering my house. It's something I've trained my children to do as well. And yeah, close the toilet before you flush. ;)

    Our gym doesn't use towels. They provide paper towels and spray disinfectant all around the gym. Just saying people should use them out of common courtesy.
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    Meh. No one wipes down anything at the powerlifting gym I use. Doesn't bother me.
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    There's usually 6-10 of us training bench on Sunday mornings. We only wipe down the bench if we're leaving sweat on it. I got sick earlier this year, but it wasn't from anyone at the gym - it was something I caught from my wife.

    And, like jemhh mentioned above - there are plenty of other things (probably more likely to cause problems than an unwiped machine) to worry about.

    IOW: it doesn't bother me at all, unless something is obviously left behind. That said, I usually wipe things down when I'm completely done.
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    You can't contract hepatitis b - or any virus as far as I'm aware- from sweat. You're also unlikely to get headlice at the gym unless you're in close head to head contact with someone else who had them.
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    I'm not to concerned about this for the most part... But it does really piss me off when people use equipment and don't wipe it down! Especially if they're sweating profusely! It's just common courtesy and if I see it happen I'll say something...

    Don't let others being inconsiderate keep you from working out and bettering yourself though. Imo the workout you can get in the gym is so much better than at home.