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Ladies who deadlift...



  • annacole94
    annacole94 Posts: 997 Member
    PT is definitely a worthwhile thing to pursue. I had a consult after the birth of my second, and while my issues were minor and no longer, it was worth the awkward to get the assessment and exercise advice.
  • Fittreelol
    Fittreelol Posts: 2,544 Member
    JoRocka wrote: »
    Well that's interesting- I would describe what I do is the brace "outward" (against my belt) rather than "bearing down" (although I realize that's the word I used).

    I'll have to revaluate when I DL- b/c I think/suspect my method of core stability is different from one to the other if I am thinking about it now.

    Do you wear your belt higher for DL? I do not, although I know it's common for lifters to do so. That might be placing more pressure downward on your bladder.