Sore quad advice please?

Hi! So I have been doing hour walks 3-4 x a week and doing yoga on my off days. I decided to add strength training to the mix with a intro bodyweight circuit sandwiched between a short warm up walk and the yoga I was doing previously. Last week everything was fine, but I looked at some youtube videos over the weekend to tighten up my form and my quads have been so sore. Instead of doing a walking lunge, I switched it to one side at a time where I could really focus on my form and I believe that is what is making me sore. I'm walking around like Burgess Meredith.

My question: should I just power through? Or should I go back to the alternating lunge variety? I'm still going to do yoga today regardless, but I'm leaning towards not doing the bodyweight circuit until Saturday. I'll wait to see some advice. Thank you!


  • MoiAussi93
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    It depends on how sore you are. Minor soreness I ignore and do my workout. Major soreness might be a sign that you need to rest (or a sign you actually injured something in which case you definitely need to rest) Muscles do need time to recover after an intense workout. You can't work the same muscle groups every day if the exercise is intense.

    Keep in mind, even if you routinely workout, often when you add new exercises targeting different muscles your muscles will be sore. That is normal.
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    Power through with a weight you can do proper form is not a horrible idea.

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    Suggest you go to the easier form of the exercise if you feel up to working through the soreness. Having some movement and blood flow will help with the soreness, but not if you try to kill the exercise again. It sounds pretty normal, but pay attention to make sure it is not an injury (usually a sharp paid rather than soreness). Good luck!