Annoyed with Marley Spoon

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There must be others here who use this service, because a search always turns up the info on the meal, so maybe somebody can help me out... There's no serving size! Calories per serving is great, but if I have to guess at what the serving size is, it really doesn't do me any good at all. The meal states that it feeds "2 adults and 2 children", but taking tonight's dinner as an example: Grilled cheese with tomato and cucumber salad. There's 4 sandwiches in this meal. Everybody gets one, and kids eat as much as adults? That doesn't seem right. I'm in a 3-adult household, and so I typically eat 1/3 of the total dish, but I also kind of assume 2 kids == 1 adult, which probably isn't right. And how do I eat 4/3 of a sandwich, anyway?


  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    That certainly sounds annoying. You can probably make your own nutrition info for a lot of the ingredients using the USDA database. Personally, I might send them a note that I won't use the service until they get their act together.