100lbs down! And not finished yet!

Lambykins93 Posts: 24 Member
I've been on my journey since January 2016 and I hit a 100lb loss last week. I'm super proud! I still have about 16lbs left that I want to shift, but I also want to tone up, so presently I'm changing my lifestyle to accommodate that! Here's a few photos for you.


  • veggie16mfp
    veggie16mfp Posts: 114 Member
    What a great success. You look amazing. This is just the sort of encouragement I needed to see this morning.
  • naomillion
    naomillion Posts: 351 Member
    Wow, what an awesome achievement and success! You look great! Congratulations on reaching the goal you set for yourself! I love that dedicated commitment! Your story is highly inspiring (I am 17 lbs away from my big 100 loss goal and after that I may want to lose another 10-15 pounds like you)! Thanks for sharing!! :heart:
  • pitegny
    pitegny Posts: 1,006 Member
    Congratulations, really inspiring!
  • kristikitter
    kristikitter Posts: 602 Member
    Oh my gosh, you kicked BUTT Lambykins!! What a winner!

    I feel so motivated to see that 100% Loss picture... huge congrats :D
  • Oliver1967
    Oliver1967 Posts: 21 Member
    Did you do it all with just counting calories with mfp? You have done a great job. Your hard work and dedication is shining.
  • hoorayselma
    hoorayselma Posts: 127 Member
  • educatingbarista
    educatingbarista Posts: 1 Member
    Massive congrats!!!
    Huge inspiration for me! You look like you have the same stats as me when you started.
    Huge well done xx
  • mabinethin
    mabinethin Posts: 93 Member
    YESSSSSS!!!! you look amazing keep up the great work.
  • kaw1995
    kaw1995 Posts: 10 Member
    Keep up the good work- you look great
  • shakenbake57
    shakenbake57 Posts: 312 Member
    Congratulations! You look amazing!
  • Chooklet57
    Chooklet57 Posts: 43 Member
    Fantastic Good on You! Very inspiring!
  • poujip
    poujip Posts: 3 Member
    do u have loose skin?
  • vlnielsen519
    vlnielsen519 Posts: 75 Member
    You look great, congratulations!
  • laurenellenmarie
    laurenellenmarie Posts: 331 Member
    Oh my gosh! Excellent job!
  • KelGen02
    KelGen02 Posts: 668 Member
    What a fabulous transformation... Such an inspiration and I needed this today, thank you! I am down 50lbs and still have another 40lb or so to go (not sure if that will change when I hit that mark) but my stomach seems to be such an issue, while it has shrunk considerably and i can see the changes in my upper stomach the bottom pouch area not so much... Seeing your transformations pics was just the thing I need... got to keep going and be patient. You look amazing!!! GREAT JOB!!! ;)
  • kms234
    kms234 Posts: 132 Member
    Congratulations!! That is an amazing accomplishment!
  • PAnn1
    PAnn1 Posts: 530 Member
    OMG!! What an amazing transformation! Congratulations!!
  • silvervega
    silvervega Posts: 11 Member
    Good job. You look awesome!!
  • croftie4
    croftie4 Posts: 221 Member
    You look amazing - such commitment
  • half_moon
    half_moon Posts: 807 Member
    Wow!! Stellar.
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